Black Paper

 African American Homeland, Honor, Respect, Power and Independence North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, are the Eight States I proclaimed the African American Homeland States.

This is an expansion of the original 5 States Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Black majority counties adjacent to this area in Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, Florida and North Carolina, that was first claimed by the Malcolm X Society and the Group on Advance Leadership for the Republic Of New Afrika on March 31, 1968.

The original proposal for the Republic of New Afrika was for total Independence from the United States of America. The African American Homeland States isn’t an Independent Nation, it is a collaboration between a Regional bloc of States to achieve a common purpose, with no more or less Rights or Powers (10th Amendment to the US Constitution) than any other States in the United States of America.

The African American Homeland States or the 8 States Southern Region will have an unwritten or verbal compact, Economic Community of Eight Southern States (ECESS), its mission is to promote Security, Economic and Political Cooperation across the 8 States Southern Region.

This same region including Florida, Texas and Virginia are also claimed by the Englishmen as the Confederate States Region. Cities and town across the South are still showcasing the confederate flag.

In the USA, an Interstate Compact is an agreement between two or more States. Article l, Section 10 of the US Constitution provides that “No State shall. without the consent of Congress, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State. Therefore the Confederate States was or is an illegal compact or it was an unwritten, verbal compact. At any rate Black Americans had to suffer under the social and legal system of the Confederate States for a hundred years 1868-1968. The Federal Government did nothing or had limited authority in State and Local issues, therefore couldn’t protect the rights and property of Black Americans during this period.

(Florida and Virginia are Culturally, Socially, and Spiritually part of the African American Homeland however, Virginia population 8 million 20% Black and especially Florida population of 20 million and only 16% Black American are too large, for Black Predominant Population. To Control Florida it requires a huge legal or illegal Black immigrant influx from the Caribbean, South America and Africa.

The first Africans brought in by the British arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. The Spanish brought in Africans/Moors to St, Augustine, Florida in 1581. Some believe Africans were in North America much earlier. From early 1790 until the late 1890’s Black Americans had somewhat identical numbers to the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish in the South. Therefore, we have the same or more rights to claim the South our homeland as they. Did the Blacks claim the South as their own? Nonetheless the Black Americans never had their own Southern flag until now.

The 1900 census, the African American population began to decline in the South. The reason for the decline was the Great Migration. The Great Migration was the movement of millions of African American out of the rural South, to the urban Northeast, Midwest and West cities that lasted until 1970.

God fearing, Virtues Black Rural people, socially conservative, share croppers, farmers, semi-skilled and no big city experience, migrating to corrupt, immoral and polluted urban areas that facilitated many vices, it’s hard to say if the Great Migration North was a good idea.

However, if you look at the present situation in the west, mid-west and northeast cities, high crime, high unemployment, low home ownership, high rent, low business ownership, crowded schools, 80% of the Black American population live in urban areas covering 10,000 square miles or land the size of Maryland. Living in crowded conditions on top of one another is the reason for Black on Black crime. Over all it’s not gloom and doom, African Americans have made great strides and improvements over the past 100 years, maybe the great migration has served it’s purpose however, it’s not time to settle, there are greater things to be accomplished, it’s time to return.

What The African American Homeland States Offer

The African American Homeland States offer Black Americans US Constitutional Powers (Power to Make and Enforce Laws) with their own individual State Constitutions, State Institutions, Structural Systems, Organization, Critical Infrastructures, Territory-Land and Hierarchy of Authority.

With a geographical area covering 375,000 square miles and a population of 46 million, the ideal racial make-up of the Region are (90/10 model) 90% African American, 8% European American and 2% others or the (80/20 model) 80% Black, 15% White, 3% non Black Hispanics, 2% Asians and others. Hispanic population would actually be much larger but, most will claim to be of African descent.

The 8 States Southern Region is strategically located with several major sea ports on the Atlantic Ocean Wilmington, Charleston, Savannah and a few sea ports access on the Gulf of Mexico New Orleans (one of the largest and busiest seaports in the world), Mobile, Alabama and Biloxi, Mississippi some seaports have to be enlarged.

Major Highway access run through the 8 States Southern region, (There are more Highways in the 8 States Southern Region than 99% of countries). with Interstate 95 offering accessibility to Florida, Virginia, Washington D.C, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts. Interstate 77 giving transport to Ohio, Buffalo, New York to Toronto Canada, Interstate 75 extending access to Florida, Detroit, Michigan, Interstate 65 giving access to Indiana and Chicago, highway 55 offering transport through St. Louis to Chicago. Interstate 10 and 20 giving mobility to major cities in Texas to cities in Mexico, to Phoenix Arizona, San Diego and Los Angeles, and interstate 40 presenting mobility to Los Angeles.

The Mississippi River give cruise ships, riverboats, barges and container ships access to the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans to the heartland cities of St. Louis, Davenport, Iowa and Minneapolis/ St. Paul.

International Airport in Atlanta offers a quick gateway to Africa, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, South America and the World. More International hubs are needed in the 8 States Southern Region.

Major Railroad lines CSX, Union Pacific, Amtrak and Norfolk Southern, run through the 8 States Southern Region. My point is the 8 States Southern Region is not isolated from other geographical areas.

The climate is warm and humid. There are mild winters and hot summers, spring and fall are absolutely perfect. Appalachian Mountains runs through the region from Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina to northern Alabama, the highest point east of the Mississippi river is Mount Mitchell in North Carolina 6,684 feet.

The area has good soil for growing plants and is known for its large plantations and commercial farming. Forest trees covers 60% of the 8 States Southern Regions total land area.

The 8 States Southern region has a long general coast line 1,082 miles with many sandy beaches on the Atlantic coast and the Gulf coast. The 8 States Southern Region has one of the best modern critical infrastructures, amenities and structural systems a developed nation can offer.

The total GSP (2015) of the Economic Community of Eight Southern States is $2,200,000,000,000 trillion dollars. If the 8 States Southern Region was an Independent country it would have the 8th largest Economy in the World.

In 2012 the 8 States Southern Region collected about 300 billion dollars in federal tax revenue. this does not include 200 billion dollars, in extra payments the federal government transfer to the State such as medicare payments, welfare payments, social security payments, disability payments, jobless claims payments, federal infrastructure projects, federal government employees, including military personnel, federal government contractors and other federal entitlements.

Tax Base                                                                              The 500 billion dollars the 8 States Southern Region receive in Government revenue including federal government transfer payment is more than the total budgets of countries such as Australia 498 billion dollars, Russia 440 billion, Netherlands 420 billion, India 325 billion, South Korea 296 billion, Mexico 292 billion and Saudi Arabia 221 billion dollars. and less than Spain 545 billion, Canada 687 billion, Brazil 978 billion, United Kingdom 986 billion dollar budget. I must state, Russia spends 22% of it’s national budget or 88 billion dollars per year on it’s military alone. The USA 640 billion military budget is the responsibility of the federal government not the 50 States. China has the second largest military spending of $188 billion dollars.

National Guards, State Militias, State Defense Force; The Constitution of the United States. Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution contains a series of “militia clauses,” outlining the States right to create Militias. National Guard and Air National Guard under the control of the individual States, with the State Governor acting as commander in chief. However, the president can activate the National Guard and place it under federal control. National guards are typically called into action by a State Governor for officially declared emergency of the State, weather related emergency, civil unrest, terrorist attack and used for security details at State borders, airports and seaports.

About half of the States in the United States also maintain a State Defense Force or State Militias that operate under the sole authority of a state government . A State Defense Force is separate from the State National Guard, it receives no federal funding, uniforms and equipment are purchase and maintained by the State or the individuals. The federal government recognizes State Defense Forces under 32 U.S.C. § 109 which provides that state defense forces as a whole may not be called, ordered, or drafted into the armed forces of the United States, thus preserving their separation from the National Guard.

Nearly every state has laws authorizing State Defense Forces or State Militias, and 22 states, plus the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, have active State Defense Forces with different levels of activity, support, and strength. State Defense Forces generally operate with emergency management and homeland security missions. Most SDFs are organized as Army units, but some States have Air and Naval units as well.

Electricity Production; In 2013 the 8 States Southern Region produced 639,000 (GWh) Gigawatts per hour of Electricity, ranked 6 in the world. This electricity production is equal to or more than countries such as Germany 633,000 GWh, Canada 626,000 GWh, France 568,000 GWh, Brazil 557,000 GWh, South Korea 534,000 GWh, United Kingdom 356,000 GWh and Mexico 293,600 GWh. The 8 States Southern Region has 21 Nuclear Power Plants, (the USA 104, France 58, Japan 51, Russia 32, South Korea 21 have more or the same number of operable nuclear reactors. Also India 20, United Kingdom 18, Canada 17, Germany 17).

It’s very important to mention that there were 3,195 electric utilities in the USA. Of these, 2,020 publicly or government owned, including 10 federal utilities, 932 were rural electric cooperatives and 243 were investor-owned utilities. However, 80% of the electricity in the U.S is generated by private investor-owned utilities.

Super Majority Black State Legislators can submit to popular vote a Referendum on State control of Power/Utility Companies or maintaining them as Private Investor-Owned Power/Utility Companies.

Oil Refineries and Productions; Louisiana produces most of the oil in the 8 States region, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama also has some quantity.  The 8 States Southern Region has 32 oil refineries, including 19 in Louisiana. Only Texas has more oil refineries 26 and California has 16. Two oil refineries in Louisiana, 10th Garyville Refinery and the 11th Baton Rouge Refinery are ranked largest in the world. Louisiana refines oil that are produced in many other States and Countries. Oil refineries are some of the most expensive infrastructures to build.

The Southern States has a great number of military installations, bases and ranges. These military bases are huge contributors to the local and State economy.

African American Homeland States will have 8 Black-American Governors, 16 African American Senators and 53 of 64 Congressmen and women are of African-American descent. They are our representation on the Federal government level.

Institutions are Key to DevelopmentGovernment is the most paramount of Institutions. Government permits the creation and support of other Institutions like Businesses, Corporations, Professional Organizations, Colleges, Universities, Research Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations, Banks, Stock Exchanges, others Financial Institutions, Military, Police, Intelligence Units, Strategic Planning Organizations and others.

The three levels of government are the federal government which governs the entire country, the State government which governs States, and the local governments which governs the counties, cities, towns and villages. If Black Americans can take political control of State and Local governments, only the federal government is out of our sphere of control ( 16 US Senators and 66 US Congressmen are representatives on the Federal level). Compare to the State and Local governments, the Federal government has been more fair and just when it comes to the treatment of African Americans and other minorities. Most Jim Crow and Segregation laws were State and local laws.

State Government is the second most powerful Institution to the federal Government,”Please Search, The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution” The federal government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the states or the people. The powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. The 50 States have Reserved and Shared US Constitutional Powers with the Federal Government. The 50 States are an Independent and Sovereign Government Entity with their own State Constitutions. To have control of State Government, is like having our own country. This is the ultimate secret that those in Power don’t want Black Americans to figure out. The 50 States have US Constitutional Powers to make and enforce laws, Charter Banks and Corporations, Regulate Intrastate (within the State) Commerce and take measures for public education and health, principally make laws that will support the advancement of Black Americans. Power of the State *Issues Licenses *Regulate Intrastate (within the state) Businesses *Conduct elections *Establish local government *Ratify Amendments to the Constitution *Take measures for public health and safety *May exert powers of the Constitution not delegated to the national government.

State Rights will be the call of many Black Americans once we take control of State government, State Institutions and State Territory-Land. I vision Black Americans becoming more conservative than Republicans, when it comes to social issues. Low taxes, the right to keep and bear arms, strong national military, State Defense Forces or State Militias, Police-Security-Safety, Family values, smaller central government, stronger state government, pro Black Business, limited abortions, making divorce difficult to obtain, tough on illegal immigration, protecting traditional marriage, Leaders should serve people, not special interest groups, Crack down on frivolous law suits, Culture should respect and protect life, freedom of speech.

Black Americans usually doesn’t trust the US Constitutions or the State Constitutions, because the Southern States had used the State Constitution and State powers to persecute, intimidate, mistreat, abuse, take advantaged of and cheat African Americans. The specific reason why Black Americans were persecuted in the South, because the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh knew African Americans were almost equal in population numbers, growing fast and seen as a political threat. If Black Americans were allowed to vote, the Southern Whites would had to share State Powers and Resources with Black Americans. Now 2018, I feel African Americans have the population size, confidence, fearlessness and intelligence to used the Constitution and State Institutions to it’s own advantage. Actually, our back is against the wall we have no other choice but to compete.

The State has US Constitutional Powers to *Collect taxes *Build infrastructure *Borrow money *Establish Courts *Make and enforce Laws *Charter Banks and Corporations *Spend money for the general welfare of the citizens *Take Private Property For Public Purpose, With Just Compensation.

The State Government raises revenue by collect Taxes, Income Taxes, Corporate Taxes, Excise tax, Personal Property Taxes, Sales Taxes and other Taxes and collect Licenses fees, If you want to do Business in the State you have to get a license and pay the fees.

The taxes, licenses fees, permits, fines and other revenue generators are use to support the State and other Institutions such as colleges and universities, hospitals, fire department, police department, public schools, state and local government workers, elected official, the poor, the elderly and build critical infrastructures like roads, bridges, seaports, airports, public utilities, electrical power, telephone lines, sewage, water and others.

There exists a second level of sovereign government in the United States after the federal government, those of the 50 STATES of which compose the United States. State governments are bodies sovereign, like the federal government, they have sovereign existence deriving from the consent of the sovereign people of their territories who created them and wrote their state constitution; they are not bodies corporate, as they are not created by the acquisition of the federal government and exist with or without that Government’s consent. As sovereigns, they have the power to hold radical title to land, to exercise the Four fundamental powers, taxation, eminent domain, police power and escheat, as well as numerous other powers, including the power to grant charters, and implicit in that power to charter is the power to charter corporations. The vast majority of non-governmental corporations in the United States are chartered by the States of the United States, and not the federal government, this includes most charitable corporations. These include municipal corporation and state chartered and owned corporations. Municipal corporations are public corporations that have devolved, democratic control over local matters within a geographic region; they are often styled villages, towns, townships, boroughs, cities, or counties. Though these municipal corporations are often regulated and sometimes financed by the state government, and often can collect taxes, they are arms-length, non-sovereign, devolved public entities, and a state government which charters them is not legally responsible for their debts in the event of a municipal bankruptcy.

Federalism, the 50 States has Reserved and Shared Powers with the Federal Government, I can’t emphasized this enough! The ones in power understand the sovereignty Of State governments. We fail to understand the levels of governments and the branches of State governments. We tend to ask the President for help on State and local issues where the President has limited authority. We have marches in Washington D.C, but, we should be marching in Raleigh, Columbia, Atlanta, Montgomery, Jackson, Baton Rouge, Little Rock, and Nashville. You will noticed that European power structure will easily give up big city government powers to Black Americans and other minorities, but would keep hold of State Powers as much as possible. The city has limited powers, the city only exercise powers that are granted to it by the State, Predominant Population and Political Control of a city or county is pointless, if Black Americans don’t have control of the whole State. A city has too many masters federal, state, county, even school districts that it’s accountable to. Equally important, the city can’t make laws, it has ordinances. The city can’t Charter Corporations, Banks, Insurance Companies or Charity organizations, it can issue business licenses. The city is dependent on the State for funding. A city usually has a small land area, average covers 100 square miles. The State has the power to dissolve a city out of existence. Example, The State of Michigan had plans of dissolving the city of Detroit and absorbing it into Wayne County. Detroit will become the largest town in America, absolutely powerless.

To carved an Independent Nation out of the United States of America will take an Act of War. However, taking control of the 8 Southern States Political, Government Institutions and Territory-Land could be done legally and orderly through peaceful democratic means.

The only way African Americans can compete with European Americans is if we had matching Institutions and it all start with our own States or 8 States Southern Region.

US Constitutional Rights (Civil Rights) versus US Constitutional Powers, While fighting for our civil rights, the right to go to school with European students, the right to eat at European restaurants, the right to shop in European owned department stores, the right to equal pay, right to vote, right to University education, the right to not be discriminated against, the right not to be harass by the police, and the right to equal opportunity was justified and historic.

We could have taken care of all the above grievances by fighting for (US Constitutional Powers) Control of State Territory-Land, Economic Empowerment, State Institutions, Business development, Political Control of the 8 States Southern Region. And if they continue to treat us unfairly in their States, then they aren’t welcome in Predominant Black States.

The relation with the other states are reciprocal, example we will not comply with Extradition orders with States that are known to be hostile to our citizens. If they treat our 8 States regional citizens with kindness and respect, we would treat them with kindness and respect.

The key to State power is control of the three branches of the State Government. 1) Executive branch, which is the governor, 2) The legislative branch which  is divide into the upper house (The Senate) and lower house (House of Representative); 3) And the judicial branch which is the State Supreme Court.

1) The State Senate and the House of Representative must be in African American control with overwhelming numbers, Super Majority, this institution is responsible for making the laws.

2) We must have control of the highest judicial authority of each 8 States, that is the State Supreme Court. The State Supreme Courts upholds or overturns State laws.

Some State Supreme Court Justice are appointed by the Governors, others are elected by the citizens of that State. All or most Supreme Court Justices in the 8 States Southern Region are African Americans. All or Super Majority of lower courts, appellate courts and other State courts Judges are African Americans, results are we will have control of the 8 southern states court system. We’ll demand as well that federal district court judges and federal circuit court judges that are appointed by the President are African Americans.

3) The Governor executes or implements the laws. The Governor also has authority to appoint Black American Officials to positions throughout their State.

4) Every State Government Official Positions will transfer over to African Americans From State Regulatory Boards and Commissions to State University and College Presidents, to Chief of Police of all cities, counties and towns, Wardens of every Prisons and Jails, Leaders of every State Public Utility Companies, Every State Park and Recreation areas, Mayors of Every City and Town, City Managers, State & Local Prosecutors, Councilman of every City and Town, to Commissioners of every State, County or City are Black American. All these leaders and politicians are accountable to the people and the Black Coalition Political Party.

5) 80/20 model 80% of all State employees are African Americans, 85% of County, City, Municipalities employees are African Americans, 90% of Police Officers, State Police, Fire Fighters, Park Rangers, Emergency personnel, State Guards, State Militia Groups are African Americans. These are secured government jobs for millions or more Black Americans.

6) Imagine University North Carolina, North Carolina State U, Clemson U., South Carolina, Georgia University, Georgia Tech. University of Alabama, Auburn University, Mississippi State U., University of Mississippi, Louisiana State U, U of Arkansas, University of Tennessee, University of Memphis as Predominantly Black Universities (80% Black American Students). State Universities and Colleges are State controlled Institutions.

Private universities in the 8 States Southern Region Duke, Wake Forest, Emory, Tulane, Vanderbilt and others will have no choice but to conform to the demographic make-up of the State, or sell their asset to African American Investors. Faculty and Staff of 50% African American and Students 66% African American are sufficient.

If the Eight States Region need to graduate 200,000 Doctors, 300,000 Engineers 250,000 Lawyers and 100,000 MBA’s. Then a program must be established with the collaboration of the State Government, local Government, Private Organizations and the Universities and Colleges to implement this plan to a reality. It takes Private, Public Partnership for this task.

If you are unsure Black Americans could Govern the 8 States Southern Region, over 60,000 Black Americans have graduated from IVY League Schools in the pass 40 years. Over 1 million Black Americans have graduated from the top 100 universities in the pass 25 years. How many Black Americans graduated from the top 300 universities in the pass 25 years? American Universities have 277 schools in the top 1000 Universities in the world. European Universities have 400 in the top 1000 world universities, Canadian 34, Australian 36, Japanese 31, Korean 21, China 99, Thailand 13, Russia 9, Mexico 6, Brazil 25, Hong Kong 6, Indonesia 4, India 4, South Africa 7, Egypt 3, Saudi Arabia 3, universities in the top 1000 in the world source.

Countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Iraq and Pakistan may had a several thousand students each graduating from IVY league schools in the past 20 years.

Among African Americans age 25 and older, the number who had an advanced degree in 2011 (e.g., master’s, Ph.D., M.D. or J.D.). 1,600,000

2010 164,844 Graduated with Bachelor degree,76,458 graduated Masters Degree,  10,417  graduated Doctorate Degree    113,905 Associate Degree.

Business Development                                                            Land is the first order of business. Land Reform laws will be passed to redistribute land to those that want it. The goal, 75% of the land are owned by the State and local Government and Black American Private Citizens. 80% of all Farm land, Ranches and Family Forest in the State are controlled by African Americans.

While large American Multinationals Corporations may dominate in the African American Homeland States in the short and medium term, the 8 States Southern Region governments will have programs, policies, laws, regulations, and rules that will help Black Owned Businesses and Corporations compete in the Region.

The Goal is 80% of all Businesses in the African American Homeland are owned by Black Americans. 90% of all State, County and local Government Contracts go to Black Americans Corporations, Firms and Professionals.

Multinational Corporations will be a challenge to deal with however, I have observed that most Independent Countries have trade barriers, Laws, Regulations and Constitution Amendments to protect the Domestic Corporations, Businesses, and citizens from foreign competition. In many Countries foreigners and foreign Multinational Corporations are banned from owning land or doing business within the Country. In many countries a foreigner could never become a citizen. If Countries didn’t have laws limiting or prohibiting foreign competition, many of the largest American Multinational Corporations, and American private individuals will own every Country/Cities on earth. Domestic Corporations in China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa, Mexico, South Korea, Philippines and others can’t compete with American Multinationals, however they do learn the best business ideals and practices of a Bank America, Amazon, Google, Apple, Walmart, Delta Airlines, Walgreens, Kroger Grocery, AT&T and others, copy paste the concept into their countries market. Therefore if the countries I mentioned above can’t compete with American Multinational without Government intervention, African American Corporation and Businesses can’t compete on a large scale with American Multinational without Government intervention. There are two levels of government that regulate businesses and Corporations. the Federal Government Regulates Corporations and Business on a National Level (interstate- between States) and States regulates Corporations and Businesses on the State level (intrastate- within the State). Thus, I vision Government intervention only on the State Level (intrastate). The State can’t prohibit American Multinational from doing business in the State but, the 8 States Southern Region officials could use persuasion, negotiate and grant incentives to some White Multinationals Corporations and encouraged them to unbundle their assets in the 8 States Southern Region and sell to Black American Corporations and Black Investors.

For Example, Kroger Grocery Company the largest grocery chain in the country is given incentives to sell their Kroger grocery chain and Harris Teeter chain asset in the 8 States Southern Region to African American Investors. We will also negotiate with other chain stores such as CVS, Walgreens and others.

Franchises, Restaurants, Retail, Car Rentals, Hotels, Services and others. Franchisor Corporations are encouraged or given incentives to increase Black American franchisee ownership opportunities in the 8 States Southern Region 75% to 80% of all partnerships.

The Regional Economic and Development Authority (REDA), State Economic and Development Authority (SEDA) will negotiate with the National Football League Franchises, to transfer Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, and Carolina Black Panthers to African American Investors.

National Basketball Association, Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Pelicans are transferred to Black American Investors (Charlotte Hornets is own by Michael Jordan).

Major League Baseball, Atlanta Braves transfer to Black American ownership. The Regional Economic and Development Authority (REDA) will try to procure two more teams into the African American Homeland States.

National Hockey League, Carolina Hurricanes, Nashville Predators transfer to Black American investors, however if there’s no market for professional hockey in the 8 States Southern Region then the teams will leave the region. But I think at least one professional hockey team will turn a profit in the African American Homeland States because of regional pride, regional support, competition, marketing possibilities and sport is a sport.

Automotive Dealerships, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes and other car manufacturers are encouraged or given incentives to increase Black American New Auto dealer ownership opportunities in the 8 State Southern Region to 75%- 80% of all partnerships. The Regional Economic and Development Authority (REDA), an independent regional agency, State Economic and Development Authority (SEDA) an independent State agency will help identify and finance potential car dealership owners.

Company like Walmart which has a strong global Brand and distribution, when doing business in the region will have African Americans in most upper management and middle management positions, its suppliers, contractors, logistics and others are mostly Black American Companies.

A Manufacturer of motor vehicles, vehicle parts, electronics goods, electrical goods,Computers, building material, medical devices, medicine, Steel, Food processing and other from anywhere in the world are given incentives to move into the 8 States Southern Region to take advantage of quick and easy processing of starting a business in the region, low taxes, lower land prices and leases, lower labor cost, skilled work force, lower cost of doing business and access to a greater U.S domestic market of 350,000,000 people.

Multi-National Corporations are handle on a case by case bases. We need very knowledgeable people in this area to see what situation will benefit the region the most.

If we keep the cost of doing business in the Economic Community of Eight Southern States low or lower than the other competitive regions, corporations and manufacturers will not leave the 8 States Southern Region under any circumstances.

Utility Companies, Natural Monopolies or Critical Infrastructures should be control by the State or African American Corporations, Regional Phone Companies, State Power Companies, Cable Television Network and Providers Companies, Gas Utility Companies, Digital Mobile Phone Networks, Local Water Companies, Sewage, Waste Management companies, Internet Providers, Radio stations, Television Broadcasting Networks, Print Media, News Papers shall be sold to the State, become State Own Enterprise (SOE) or repackage and sold to African American Investors.

8) Once we have Political control, most previous State Laws shall be repeal, Congressional and State Legislative districts will be redrawn and the Constitution of the 8 Southern States must be rewritten. The 8 States Southern Region can pass their own Reparation and Land Reform laws.

9) To build wealth in the African American Community, I proposed Formation of an African American Stock Exchange, with a One trillion dollar Capitalization, headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. With the cooperation of the 8 State Governments, Economic Community of Eight Southern States, African American Bank Institutions, 8 State Pension Funds, City Workers Pension funds, Teacher’s Pension Funds, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, African American Investment Bankers, and International Investors. Most countries of the world have a Stock Market, these governments know the quickest way to build wealth or raise money in a poor third world country is through a Stock Market. Most third world country’s Stock Market capitalization equal or are 50% of the nation’s GDP. For example Philippines Gross Domestic Product is 300 billion dollars. Their Stock Market capitalization is 300 billion dollars as well. Black American’s GDP after taxes and without government expenditures is over one trillion dollars. Therefore an African American Stock Exchange has a potential capitalization of over one trillion dollars and will be the 17th largest Stock Exchange in the world. Just below Spain 1,146 trillion and above Brazil 950 billion.The Southern Stock Exchange will be used to buy up companies and other corporate asset in the 8 States Southern Region and elsewhere in the world.

10) I proposed a Commodities Exchange based in Memphis, Tennessee where agriculture products and other raw materials such as sugar, cotton, maize, milk products, pork bellies,other agriculture products; oils, metals and others are traded. This help Farmers get a guaranteed price for their products.

Bank Institutions must be established, Regional Banks, State Banks, Local Banks, Community Banks and Credit Union with a minimum total Bank Asset of 2.5 trillion dollars. Other Financial Institution should be created including Life Insurance Companies, other Insurance Companies, Investment Banking, Pension Funds, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Mortgage Corporations, Fannie Mae Type Regional Government Corporation, Consumer Lending and Credit Corporation, and others.

In 2012 there were 21 Black American owned banks with a total bank deposit of 5 billion dollars. However, African Americans bank deposit holders have over 600 to 800 billion dollars in thousands of other banks throughout the country. None the less this 600 billion dollars is not being circulated in the Black Community.

Most of the 300 billion dollar budget of the 8 States Southern Region would be deposited into an African American controlled Regional, State or local banks. A dollar capital into a bank can result in ten dollars of loans to Black owned businesses, Black families and other Black Institutions, a multiplier effect that can ultimately lead to a creation of more money and faster rate of economic growth.

With a smaller defined geographical area and a concentrated Black American consumer market an African American distribution network of goods and services of any kind can be more easily established, throughout the 8 States Southern Region.

African American Companies are given incentives to handle most production, distribution, wholesale and retail of Goods and Services in the 8 States Southern Region. With this, it would be more feasible for Black American investors to start a Beer Corporations, Wine and Spirit Corporations, Health Care, Grocery Stores, Food Processing Corporation, Department Stores, Retail Store Corporations, Fast Food Restaurants, Fine Dining Restaurants, Jewelry Stores, Shoes Manufacturing, Tennis Shoes Corporations, Chemical Manufacturing Corporation, Clothes and Textile Manufacturing, Plastic Goods Manufacturing, Paper Products Corporations, Furniture Manufacturing, Toys and Sports Goods Manufacturing, Electrical Goods Manufacturing, Electronic Goods Manufacturing, Construction Corporations, Mining Corporations, Computers and Devices Corporation, Software Development Corporations, Metal Works Manufacturing, Drug Manufacturing Companies, Publishing Companies, Retail Gas Stations, Convenience Store Franchise, Hotels, Resorts and Motels, Casinos, and the list goes on and on.

With 36 million Black Americans , 9 million Whites and others concentrated into the 8 States Southern Region and 9 million Black Americans in the other 42 States, instead of 45 million African Americans dispersed into 50 States. Black American consumers are unwittingly compelled to do business with Black American owned companies and Black owned corporations and small Black owned businesses have no choice but, to service Black American consumers.

Education and Skills Development Our elected officials and citizens of the Eight States Southern Region priority is to educate our youth, not put them in prison.

Control of the Eight States Region Educational system, we can make major changes, for example,(requiring all public and private school students to wear school uniforms). At any rate we need Doctors of all fields, Engineers of all Fields, Lawyers, Business School Graduates (MBA’s) Computer Scientists, Economists, Physicist, Town Planners, Accountants (CPA), City Planners, Agriculture Scientists, Architects, Professors, Teachers, Military Officers, Pilots, Political Scientists, Writers, Language, International law, International Business and others.

College or University study is not for everyone, therefore the 8 State Southern Region will establish a comprehensive Apprenticeship Educational System to insure a highly skilled work force that will command high pay, benefits and a productive society.

Apprenticeship programs would include Agriculture science, Animal husbandry, Aquaculture, Agro-forestry and others. Other Apprenticeship programs are aircraft mechanic, auto mechanic, boat building, ship repair, commercial fishing, computer technician, computer programmers, welders, fitters, plumbers, iron workers, sheet metal workers, carpenters, plasterer, bricklayers, painters, electrician, drafting, operating engineers, furniture makers, culinary arts, baker, nursing technician, pharmacist technician, jewelry makers, bank tellers, tax service, fashion designers, glass and ceramic artist, audio-video production and others. A small team of laymen should be able to build their own homes.

A high percentage of individuals with at least an 8th grade education, that has basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills would be able to not just qualify, but do well in these Apprenticeship programs.

Our Top 1%, the Wealthy class are the wealth builders and largest land owners and Philanthropist.  Will run and control the largest most profitable Black American Corporations. They are the leaders and major Stakeholders of the African American Homeland economy and politics.

Our most intelligent, most capable top 10% are the Entrepreneurs, Business Owners. They are the innovators, job creators and medium Stakeholders in the African American Homeland economy and politics.

Our brightest and most competent top 25% includes the Professional class, upper Managers, Political leaders medium size land owners. They are smaller but significant Stakeholders in the African American Homeland economy and politics

The Top 50% includes the Professionals, middle, lower managers, small business owners, small land owners, lower political leaders, leaders of State and local government agencies, skilled labor and others. Run the day to day business of the African American Homeland and are smaller Stakeholders

The top 80% includes Private sector workers. other Public sector workers, home owners and consumers, are the back-bone of the African American Homeland.

The lowest 20% are dependent on the guidance, leadership, mentorship, charity and efficiency of the higher 80%. Meaning we’re all in this together.

Entrepreneurship is equally important than education, Entrepreneurship is the only way to break the bondage of dependency on the government and getting a job.

Entrepreneurship is risky, but once you have the know how, which come from experience you’ll be fine. I learn from the Chinese, Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, just copy and paste the best business model ideas that fit your personality and market and go for it.

While profit is the result of successful business, it shouldn’t be why you are in business, you start a business to solve problems and serve others, if you do that profit will follow.

I’m proposing a Capitalist system with Government intervention or action in the Economic Community of Eight Southern States, especially in the first 10 or 20 years. Some Economist will call Government intervention Socialism. Government intervention most be prescribed because Black American are far behind in the economic development game. Many American companies have been transacting business for over 150 years. Communism and Socialism will not work in today’s highly competitive global markets. If we want to compete with the Chinese, India, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Europe, Russia, other States and nations, then we must have the most innovative, creative and efficient system in the world.

Demographics Of The Region 2013 census the population of the 8 States Southern Region is 45,390,928, with African American’s 12,500,000 people or 26% of the population. North Carolina 23% African American, South Carolina 28%, Georgia 33%, Alabama 26% Mississippi 38%, Louisiana 32% Black Americans, Arkansas 16%, and Tennessee 17% African American.

It’s African American Natural Rights to rule over the 8 Southern States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee.

One asked, how do we acquire control of these 8 Southern States?

Traditional Methods

1) We can petition the Federal Government for the rights with 1 million Signatures.

2) African Americans have not asked of any specific programs from the President. We need more than jobs and more education. We can Asked President Barack Obama to use Executive Powers to create an African American Homeland. However, The President has limited powers and influence on State and Local issues.

3) One million people March on Washington D.C, a March of 100,000 people in cities across the United States.

4) Sue The States or the Federal Government in the Courts.

5) Sue the United State Government through the United Nation

6) Boycott major events, It will make the United States look extremely bad throughout of the World, if African-American Athletes Boycott the 2016-2020 Olympics in Brazil or Japan. African American Athletes boycott NCAA Major College Football and Major College Basketball. African American NFL and NBA Athletes Boycott the first few games of the season. Top recruiting Black American Athletes refuse to play football or Basketball in the 8 Southern States.

7) Total Social or Civil disobedience

8) Hunger Strikes in the Jails and Prisons, there are over 1 million Black men in prison in the USA.

9) African American government workers not show up for work for a few days, basically shouting down the government.

10) The Black Congressional Caucus filibustering on the House floor.

The Plan AAHA

Instead of waiting on the government, I suggest Black Americans make a modern day mass reverse migration back to the 8 States Southern Region. There are 46,000,000 African Americans in the USA. We are a nation of people in a nation.

There are under 29,000,000 Europeans, 12,500,000 African Americans and 3,500,000 others living in the 8 States Southern Region. There are 33,500,000 Black Americans living in the other 42 States. By concentrating most of our population, efforts and resources into a region of the USA, we actually have a numeral advantage.

The Europeans in the region are much older and their numbers are declining rapidly.

To make a simple majority, we have to move additional 20,000,000 African Americans into the region. to have a Super Majority we have to move 23,500,000 African Americans into the region.

Whoever has the Veto-Proof Majority 2/3 or 66%, Controls all the Institutions and Powers within the State.

This will have a profound effect, first of all things will get worst before things get better. This would cause a major migration of 3/4 or 75% of European men, women and children out of the region, Europeans don’t want to be governed by Black Americans (White Flight).

It has been demonstrated thousands of times through-out American history, that once the Black population reach a certain percentage of the local population, the European population will begin to move out in masses, this time out of the 8 States Southern Region.

Firstly, fear of increase crime, but mostly fear of lower property value.

The remainder of the European population are giving a choice to stay or leave. The Europeans that want to stay are welcomed. The Europeans who want to leave must be given just compensation for their properties. Western Europeans leaving the region will cause a devaluation of land and property, making it less costly for the State, Black owned businesses, Black own Corporations, families and individuals to buy land, properties and other assets.

For the final count, the Western European or non-Black population should be no more than 90/10 model or 80/20 model of the 8 States Southern Region’s population.

What make African Americans different from the Mexicans is that most are American Citizens, as a result we can move anywhere in the USA, take up residency and register to vote in ten days in Alabama other Southern States 30 days.This mobility and our youth give us key advantages.

By the ruling of the United States Supreme Court, no State can require more than 30 days of residency. Voter registration deadline; 30 days before election in Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas; North Carolina 25 days, Alabama 10 days, Georgia the fifth Monday before any general primary, general election, or presidential preference primary.

The Mexicans will soon make up more than half of the population of California, however half of the Mexican adult population are either non-citizens or illegal aliens, therefore their potential political participation rate is much lower than their actual population size. This will change in 15 to 20 years.

Nonetheless the Western Europeans are leaving the beautiful State of California in droves because of the overwhelming presents of the Mexican and Central American population.

(In the next 20 to 30 years Mexicans will have the Super majority in the States of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas. Majority of the Hispanic population will be citizens, hence they will have the right to vote. Therefore the five States mentioned above will have 5 Mexican Governors, 10 Mexican Senators and numerous Mexican Congressmen, majority of the State Legislatures and State Supreme Court will be Mexicans, the cities, counties, small towns, local courts and Public School Systems will be run and control by Mexicans. Spanish will very well be the language of Government and Business to discriminate against all others instead of race being an issue).

Go South Black Americans                                                      Most African American living outside of the 8 States Southern Region have historical kinship with the region. You were probably born in Chicago, but your Grand Parents probably migrated there from Mississippi or Tennessee during the 1940’s. Converse with your family members and research what area in the 8 states Southern Region your family migrated from. We all understand why Black Americans went North, Northeast and West, but after awhile, we have overstayed our welcome. I believed the great migration out of the South, should have been temporary. Just to buy time to get more skills, ideas, University education, confidence and the end of the Jim Crow Laws. By the early 1970’s we should have migrated by the millions back to the South. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 made the African American Homeland States a possibility.

Just imagine for a minute, If Black Americans had stayed in the South and fought for US Constitutional Powers, by the 1960’s blacks would had majority population of 9 States, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and Florida. Living in rural areas and small towns Black Americans would continued to be very conservative and producing large families, by 2010 Black folks would have been about 20% of the USA population (64 million Black Americans). Migrating to crowded, polluted, immoral cities in the mid-west, northeast and west, coupled with liberal concepts and Planned Parenthood has destroyed the family structure and greatly reduce the number of children per Black female.

If we had stayed in the South, we would have gradually gained control of the 9 Southern State Governments because we would had overwhelming majority by the 1970’s. If we had stayed in the South the labor cost in the Midwest and Northeast would have been so expensive, that Northern manufacturers would have moved down South during the 1970’s/80’s/90’s to take advantage of lower labor and land cost, especially with the absent of Labor Unions. American manufacturers moved to Mexico, China, India, South Korea and other countries during that period. The 9 States Southern Region would have experience a cultural and tourism bonanza, people from all over the country and from all over the world would want to experience the uniquely Black American Southern Hospitality, Cuisine, Beaches, Architecture, Music, Arts, Literature, Sports, Dance, Religion, Fashion, Innovation, Museums, History and others. The potential was great.

The Great Migration was a Conspiracy of the Northern Industrialist and Southern State Governments. Up to 1910 Black Americans were 33% to 55% of the population in 11 Southern States. Some Southern States knew if nothing was done, Blacks will have Super majority population in two generations and risked losing power in the South. Therefore the Southern States made life difficult, it forced millions of Blacks to leave the South and scatter throughout the country in Urban centers.  It’s very obvious the Southern Whites and Northern Industrialist benefited from the depletion of Black Americans in the South. Today the 11 Southern States have a majority English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, German population.

After careful study, I calculated that 80% of the Black American population, that is 36 million people, live in urban and inner suburban areas covering less than 10,000 square miles. Just imagine 36 million people living in a State the size of Maryland. The African American Homeland offers 375,000 square miles of beautiful scenery, mountains, hills, valleys, forest, Bayous, lakes, rivers, beaches, inlets, coves, just smaller than the land mass of France and Spain combined or Texas and California combined, smaller than Egypt, but larger than Nigeria, Venezuela, Pakistan and Turkey.

There is a natural progression of African Americans migrating back to the South. Some are retirees, some are educated upwardly mobile professionals that see opportunities in the South, others want to get away from the extreme cold weather in the North or high cost of living in the Northeast, others are being forced out of California by other ethnic groups and migrating to the South.

What ever the reason are, Black Americans who migrate south, must come with awareness, act with purpose and participate aggressively in the democratic process, We must cooperate together to make the 8 States Southern Region the best place to live, work, retire and play. The best place for educational attainment, to become wealthy, to raise a family, family security, cultural freedom, religious freedoms, no harassment from police and just feel normal. The best place for Entrepreneur Freedom, freedom to associate with like minded people, ability to get Business capital or loans, political freedom… ability to vote with a criminal record, ability to run for Public Office.

If you are just looking for a job, or worry about keeping your job, you can stay in the other 42 States. But, if you want power, business opportunities, land, respect, real freedom, responsibility, support of your ideas and creativity and a future for your family, you should come down to the 8 States Southern Region.

Once a person is freed from an oppressed mind, you will be shocked what they are capable of doing.

To me most African American in prison today are Political Prisoners. Once we have political control we will try to introduce a program with the Eight State Governors to Pardon and Expunge most none violent criminal records of African Americans, so they can start a new life.

You must hire a lawyer, go through certain Leadership programs and Pledge Allegiance to the 8 States Southern region. The 8 Southern States will also have a Prisoner exchange Program with others States. Once in Custody of the 8 Southern States, Individual’s records will be reviewed by a panel and recommendation then suggested, if the Prisoner’s sentence should be shorten or Leadership training and other training programs are needed before an early release. Then their criminal records are reviewed, then all criminal records Expunge and Pledge Allegiance to the 8 States Southern Region.

Our young boys and young men are being targeted by the Federal, State and local governments, this must end. Poverty is really not the main problem, however when you grow up on a small island of poverty, surrounded by a sea of Western European privilege and wealth, even a nine years old knows something’s not right. The enemy is clear and obvious to see.

Integration is a failure, multiculturalism and multiracial societies do not work, I call for a separate development of predominately African American Region of States. I traveled and lived in 23 countries on 5 continents and I observed that homogeneous countries such as Japan, South Korea, Switzerland are some of safest nations and stable democracies on earth and multiracial nations such as United States, Brazil, South Africa, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico are some of the most dangerous nations on earth with the highest crime and incarceration rates. I excluded war torn nations.

Black Americans Not Forced To Live In The South The Economic Community of Eight Southern States will become a Regional Home, Cultural Home, Economic Home, Political Home, Spiritual Home, Religious Home, Business or Organization Headquarters, Traditional Home, Retirement destination, Safe Haven, Historical Home (I proposed a memorial day commemorating the end to 250 years of slavery, April 9, 2015 will mark 150 years out of Slavery); Investment destination (You can live or work anywhere in America, but your investment dollars or remittances go to support businesses, non profit organizations and your family in the 8 States Southern Region).

However, any persons regardless of race, religion, creed or sexual orientation can live in the 8 States Southern Region, the Equal Protection Clause, part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitutions, which took effect in 1868, provides that no State shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.

Meaning the 8 States Southern Region cannot deny to any person the right to live, work or do business in the Region, equally the other 42 States cannot deny Africans, Asians or Hispanics rights to live, work and do business in their States.

Even if we rewrite the Constitution of those States, we cannot state, African Americans shall rule the 8 States Southern Region perpetually or continuously. The 50 States are an Independent and Sovereign Entities. No race, Individuals or Organization own any of the 50 States. The 50 States can only be control by a Political Party.

Balkanization Of America It has already been written by scholars, futurist, White Nationalist, White Supremacist groups, conservative radio talk show hosts, visionaries and others, that in 2050 the white population will become 46% to 42% of the USA population.

This may cause a Balkanization of America into several nations, which different races may prefer or seek to live among their own group. For example, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, to become The Nation of Atzlan ruled by the Mexicans.

(The Asians may have overwhelming influence in Oregon and the State of Washington).

The bottom 1/3 of South Florida would be dominated by the Cubans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians.

(The 8 States Southern Region North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee are control by the African Americans).

The Jews will take over New York City metro region.

(Europeans will have the northern rockies States, the northern plains States, mid west States and north east States).

Utah, Multiracial Mormon State

(Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Florida and Utah are your multicultural and multiracial States).

This grouping could very well be initiated by the Europeans for fear of being dominated by the other racial groups. Meaning the European could call for a White Homeland in the Northern States. Waiting for demographics changes is not a plan. We have to be united, organize and plan, therefore when the opportunity present itself we will be prepared.

For the record, I’m against Balkanization of the USA into Several Independent Countries. I prefer the USA to remain a strong, large and powerful country. A weaker North America would be manipulated by the European Union, China, Mexico, Russia, India, Africa and the Middle East. Furthermore It would take a 3/4 votes or 38 of 50 States to ratified an Amendment to the US Constitution. Therefore, I don’t vision the USA breaking up into several countries. I instead advocate for Predominant White, Black and Mexican Region of States, Delkism. I’m confident that overwhelming majority of the the citizens and State Legislatures of those Regions vote to remain in the Union.

For the first time in American history, African Americans have the chance to choose their course of direction. We have to take the initiative instead of responding to other groups wishes and goals.

Incentives for African Americans to migrate to the 8 State Southern Region.

1) Reparation Laws pass by the 8 Southern States Legislatures, signed by the 8 Governors and supported by the 8 States Supreme Courts will give the 8 States the legal capacity or authority to right the wrong of 400 years of political, social and economic injustice.

2)  Land Reform, African American Homeland citizens are given the opportunity to acquire raw land, Farm land, Ranches, commercial land, residential land and other properties. The State will take control or ownership of land considered vital Forest land or Public land with just compensation.

3)Control of State and Local Budgets; The 8 States combined budget is over 300 billion dollars

4) Large, medium and small business opportunities. 80% to 85% of all State and Local Government contracts go to African American Professionals, Black owned Corporations and Businesses.

5) Control of the 8 States Executive and Legislature Systems

6) Control of the 8 States Supreme Court, State Court, County Court and Local Court Systems

7) 20% of all Jobs in the African American Homeland are Public service jobs.

8) Tens of thousands of Elected and Appointed position opportunities

9) Control of the State and Local Police department Systems

10) Control of the 8 States Public School, State Universities and Community College Systems

11) Black American Professionals and Businesses are favored by State Laws, Regulation and Policies

12) One trillion dollar Southern Stock Exchanged headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For Black American Corporations to raised money to buy up American owned corporate asset inside the 8 State Southern Region.

13) Most non violent criminals and records and certain violent criminals and records under special circumstances Pardon and Expunged. All ex-felons who have served their time can vote.

14) 2 Parent families will have first priority for Jobs, Housing, Farm Land, small business loans, insurance, healthcare and others. This initiatives are to increase the marriage rate and drastically reduce the number of single mothers, therefore decreasing poverty.

15) Formation of Regional, State and Local Banks with over 2.5 trillion dollars in total assets, compare to 21 Black owned Banks with 5 billion dollars in asset.

Disunity in the  African American Community; There is distrust, disagreements, different opinions and many choices in the Black American Community, however there is no deep rooted divisions in the Black American Community like in Nigeria where there are hundreds of languages, many different tribes, different religions, cultures and Nigeria had experienced Civil War. Despite that, no matter how difficult, Nigerians try to cooperate together as one nation. Black Americans never declare war on each other. therefore, with leadership and a plan African Americans can easily overcome their differences and cooperate together.

We Have Partners And Allies Across The World; African Americans have partners and allies across the world that want to build Trade, Economic, Cultural, Educational, Professional, Business, Technology Transfer and Tourism relations with us. Countries that want to build a relation includes China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and others. However, these nations don’t know how to communicate and support us or are hesitant to interact with us, because we don’t have a Political Party or any other Central African American Government Authority to form a relation with. These nations want a relationship with a Regional Organization, Political Party or State government apparatus which has full support from it’s citizens and Institutions, that can implement policies and programs that can get results. An African American Political Party and Predominant Black Region of States can give nations an alternative to the Democratic Party, Republican Party and the USA federal government. Good example, the United States government is giving support to a regional organization or ethnic group called the Kurds in Iraq to fight ISIS, instead of dealing with the central Iraqi government. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP, Urban League are non government organizations (NGO), cannot make laws, take control of States or implement programs or policies. The Economic Community of Eight Southern States, aka 8 States Southern Region or African American Homeland States and the Black Coalition Political Party are the Institutions that can lead Black Americans to a prosperous future.

Our main objectives are the Acquisition of Political, Economic and Government powers of the 8 States Southern Region.

The First Wave To take Political Control of the 8 States Southern Region, Black Americans are required to form their own Black Coalition Political Party. The Political Party performs a very important task, it brings people together to achieve control of the government, develop policies favorable to their interests and organize and persuade voters to elect their candidates to office. The Political Party is the only organization that has the legal authority to take Control of State Government.

The Great Reverse Migration commence, all neighborhoods, all communities, all small towns and cities in the 688 Counties in the African American Homeland States, doesn’t matter how rich, middle class or poor must feel the presence of the African American mass migration.

There should be absolutely, no Western European Oasis, there should be no preservation of all European towns, communities or neighborhoods, no predominately public or private Western European schools, no where in the 8 States Southern Region.

If all the African Americans are migrating to one part of the State or one half of the State then the Western Europeans will just move to the part of the State where there are no or less Black Americans. Our Goal is to encourage most Whites to move out of the 8 States Southern Region.

The first massive migration wave have to be done as clandestinely or quietly as possible to arouse little suspicion from the Republican or Democratic Party.

We don’t need major media, however if major media does report this, the magnitude of the plan, most will find impossible to implement. The Tea Party a grass root organization, came out of no where in 2010 mid term elections.

The first migration wave of African American are eligible voters, recruited from all over the country, by the Black Coalition Political Party organizers to live permanently in their new chosen county.

Every County will be targeted except counties with more than 66% Black population. Counties with 80% or more Black population, are encourage to migrate to adjacent counties with much lower African American population.

The idea is to spread the vote throughout the State, not concentrate the vote into a single voting district. Our goal is to have at a minimum, 10% more Black voters for every White voters in every County in the 8 States Southern Region.

True there are White Democratic voters but to be on the conservative side, I’m treating every European voter as a Republican. There are 688 Counties and Parishes (Louisiana) in the 8 States Southern Region.

Georgia has 159 Counties. A County is a local level of government smaller than a state and usually larger than a city of town.

One Black Coalition Political Party Organizers are responsible for 100 voters in every County and Parish. Political Party Organizers are responsible for the coordination of African American Migrant voters in each County or voting districts.

Therefore, 5,000,000 voters, the Black Coalition Political Party will need the service of 50,000 Political Party Organizers. This is truly grass root. Above the Community Organizers are mid level managers with their responsibilities and upper level management with their core responsibilities.

Looking For Strong Leadership, The Black Coalition Political Party Headquarters are based in New York City, Washington D.C and Atlanta, Georgia. Regional Command Centers are based in Houston, Dallas St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville, Detroit, Baltimore, Richmond, Tampa, Jacksonville, Florida. States with significant black population will have State offices, that in turn are divided into District offices and at the lowest level are thousands of Branches (Home offices) through-out the country.

Separate from the command structure, 8 Southern States will have their own Central Tactical Office, which deal with intelligence, security, State laws, election tactics, verifying the number of voters, dealing with state election officials and others.

In the order of important, the Governorship seat is the most important because of his powers to execute State Laws and nominate, depending on the State a few hundred to over 1,000 appointed Officials to varies offices and positions, to be consider by the State Legislatures.

The United States Senate Seat, there are 2 Senate seats in every State regardless of population size, that serve a 6 year term, the State as a whole vote for the US Senator.

The United State Congress Seat, the members of the House of Congress or Representative serve a two year term representing people of a district. Congressional districts are apportioned in states by population.

The State Senate seat is the upper house of the state General Assembly. The State Senate is elected from single member districts for 2 year terms. Election are held every even numbered year.

The State House Assembly seat is the lower house of state General Assembly. The State House representative is elected from single member districts smaller than the State Senate district for 2 year terms.

Elections are held every even numbered year. There’s a saying, who ever control the State Legislature, controls the State Redistricting Process.

The Lieutenant Governor seat serves a 4 year term, the Lieutenant Governor is the first in line to ascend to the Governorship upon the death or resignation of the Governor.

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  1. Akili S. M. Nkrumah says:

    The plan builds on a foundation that would change the fate of many Afrikan people. It should include theAfrikan Immigant .

    • Frederick D. says:

      I do agree, Akili NkrumahI. If you read revolution II, go 2/3 down to, (incentives for Locals and migrants)…. number 10.. I stated, as the white professionals leave the region,I proposed that we recruit, invite and give incentives to professionals and businessmen of African descent from Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and elsewhere in the world to live, work do business in the 8 State Southern Region. thanks

    • Frederick D. says:

      All people of African descent from what ever country they come from are welcome to the African American Homeland States however, we need very productive immigrants.

  2. T says:

    It shouldn’t include African or Carribean immigrants. The priority should be for AA only.

  3. William Lincoln says:

    “If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more”, Harriet Tubman, conductor of the Underground Railroad.
    (Help by keeping an eye on Supreme Court Docket No: 13-10562 filed June 13, 2014 at for updates)

    To help heal 400 years of mistreatment, kidnapping, rape, torture, murder, and enslavement of Black people, the US Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title 7 pertains to race.50 years later, in 2014, the US District Court in Charleston, SC has completely flipped Title 7 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to mean the opposite of its original intent;

    “White employers are now allowed to legitimately mistreat Black employees and cause them undeserved difficulty at the workplace.”


    1. William Lincoln, pro se, filed a racial discrimination lawsuit, in 2012, at the US District Court in Charleston, SC (Civil Action No.2:11-3234-DCN-BHH).

    2. This is the actual ruling of the US District Court of the 4th District;

    “The Court would acknowledge that the plaintiff may have legitimately faced some mistreatment or undeserved difficulty at work. Some of the facts are irregular. But, there is no evidence that his experience was racially motivated (p4. para 1 and 2).”

    3. Being called a ‘n-word’ is not the necessary evidence. ‘Legitimate mistreatment or undeserved difficulty at work’ is the evidence that race was the motivation.. The key word is ‘undeserved’. Thus, this is racial discrimination, and extremely dangerous to Black people. This ruling is just waiting to be used again.

    4. This seems like such an insignificant ruling, but when the Courts in any country condone ‘legitimate mistreatment and undeserved difficulty’ at its less powerful citizens, the results are always predictable; genocide, ethnic cleansing, killing fields, eugenics, slave plantations, concentration camps and internment camps, imprisonments, disappearances, kidnappings, rapes, tortures and murders.

    5. If a Judge cites that a dog was mistreated, that person is fined and goes to jail, as in the world famous case of Michael Vick. There is no ‘level’ playing field when White people own all the fields.

    6. Only a slave can experience ‘legitimate mistreatment and undeserved difficulty at work’ and it not be discrimination. Not one modern day CEO boasts of mistreating workers or causing undeserved difficulty.

    7. This case is now at the Supreme Court (Reference Supreme Court Docket No: 13-10562 at for updates). If the Supreme Court, rules against this case, dismisses this case, or ignores this case; ‘The legitimate mistreatment and undeserved difficulty at work against Black people will be law’. Within 50 years, our children will face racial conditions that existed before the 1964 Civil Rights Acts.

    8. Wide spread belief in mistreating Blacks throughout government is self evident: Slow promotions. Excessive jail sentences. Black leaders are politically beheaded. Divide and conquer never fails.

    9. We Unite around “The Faith of Black people is always in Jesus Christ Our LORD and SAVIOUR.”

    10. Make your part in Civil Rights history. Please write, text, email your Governor, Representative, Congress man or woman to declare that when a Judge discovers “mistreatment and undeserved difficulty at work” to Black people it is discrimination.

    “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

  4. sheldon says:

    They are slowly and quietly turning back the clock and we are unaware. When I see footage of the assassinations of unarmed Black citizens, by white cops, I am shown evidence that the legacy laws spawned by the old Black Codes, Maryland Doctrines of Exclusion, convict leasing, sharecropping and sundries are still in effect. My mission: to have these laws addressed and stricken from the lawbooks once and for all. This may not change the general sentiment towards Black Americans much but it will at least give them some breathing room to heal and collect themselves for the push to establish a homeland. Though, it may be a good idea to stop referring to oneself as property on paper and in dialogue. After all, only objects and other non-sentient things can be BLACK. A cat can be BLACK and so can shoes. But a human being who is self aware cannot be a BLACK…..anything.

  5. Malik heru says:

    I’ll be looking deeper into your information tonight. So far, good job.

  6. Ms Shawn Flanagan says:

    Thank you for this great information… Please continue your work in enlightening all that are still left in the dark on so many issues that only affect our people, us as a whole.

  7. Fatu Modou EL says:

    This is right and exact for melanin people. I am born and raised in Memphis Tennessee and I see non-melanin people moving here in droves. They know this better than we do. Brothers and sisters come home claim your Nationality and exercise our God given rights to self determine our lives.

  8. Rodney Pearson says:

    I love your grasp of our history. Let’s make history today! We can end 400 years of racist oppression if we join together. When we succeed, in 100 years people will be talking about us. Uncle Tom Blacks hurt our race today more than racist white people. I have identified these covert operatives.

    Please view my KICKSTARTER article. Please forward it to enlighten as many people as possible.

  9. HERU KEBULAN says:

    To T. Africans are Africans no matter where they be. Your remark sounds like a White indoctrinated opinion to separate Black people in groups;US,South America, Caribbean, Africa, Pacific, etc. Division makes our People weak. Africans in America should have the opportunity to choose where to build their lives, it may be on Mother continent Africa or in the Diaspora.

  10. Kwame Togbi says:

    No serious Afrikan Sovereign can object to what has been laid out in this visionary blueprint for Black autonomy. As an advocate of Black Nationalism, Independence and a Garveyite I am pleased to know that the torch of Black liberation with practical, workable solutions are burning bright and lighting the way in the footsteps of ancestors like Harriet Tubman and William Singleton…Together We Shall Win!

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  15. Diasporan says:

    I believe we are at the beginning of our reawakening. The energy of “organize” is in the air once again.

  16. Dave says:

    After witnessing the Baltimore happenings, coming on the heels of Missouri, South Carolina, Tulsa OK et al, it’s becoming clear that America, as currently constituted, is becoming increasingly unworkable for the African-American [A-A] people. Given the very precarious world America now faces, I see only two viable options for the future survival of the country :
    1. The IMMEDIATE calling of a Constitutional Conference to finally deal in the African populace who were totally excluded from consideration when the country was founded. This was the approach taken by South Africa in transitioning from Apartheid and America should have done this at the end of slavery, or at latest, at the end of segregation. The system of proportional representation should have assured that by now there would be at least a few A-A senators and state governors.
    2. IMMEDIATE negotiations aimed at setting up an A-A homeland along the lines being suggested here.
    It’s clear what currently ails the A-A heart :
    This yearning for REAL FREEDOM and SELF-DETERMINATION. This precious birthright has been sold out on the spurious altar of PHONY INTEGRATION as exemplified by naive CIVIL RIGHTS leaders of the sixties and continued by various wealthy sports and pop culture figures.
    Think about it : The A-A sees his cousins in other New World former slave territories – Belize, Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados etc – all get to annually celebrate their Independence Day [from their former slave masters], but when does he get to celebrate his independence? On the fourth of July? Hardly, since that is the day white settlers celebrate their independence from England. This means that they remain essentially unfree and thus in the eyes of the white “po-leece” nothing more than “Blacks”, “Negroes” or “Niggers”, which etymologically are the very same word. So perhaps we shouldn’t be so hard on the white “po-leece” as they’re probably just reflecting the attitudes of the governing society. South African police weren’t any better until the fall of Apartheid and they had their Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Interestingly, they haven’t made the news for a couple of decades.
    In America, the poor A-A has once more been sold a bill of goods with a phony “first Black President” ruse. They fell for it and are now reaping the whirlwind. For, instead of standing on their own two feet and demanding a new constitutional deal, they let themselves get suckered into electing “one of their own” to sit at the master’s table and sleep in his bed. Now everyone is paying the price for this folly and his IMPOTENCE is clear for all to see.

  17. Kenneth Payton says:

    Well, I agree with some of these proposals. However, I am definitely at odds with remaining connected to the United States in any manner. I would call for total independence with an eyesight for five (5) coastal states. My differences do not mean that I am against you, rather, it merely signifies that I have a different view of certain things. The gist of the ideology is still the same; that we must separate from America. To be quite frank, we are telling America that we are not her citizens, nor have we ever been and the time has arrived for us to part ways,plain and simple. Please allow me to stress my feelings on America in this manner: If I were walking down the streets and passing by America, where a massive fire was burning; even though I reside there, I would NOT lift a finger to put that fire out. Better to watch it burn and see my enemies reduced to misery, inasmuch as I have been in misery for all these years. Thus my relevant thought would be: Die you bastards!

    • Diasporan says:

      Kenneth, I think its time for us to put together a committee to research and put together a plan for requesting a small piece of land (coastal) in Africa to create our own homeland. Liberia ain’t it. Truth be told, this land will NEVER be right for us. It just won’t. Not us now nor our grandchildren in the future.

      • Tyren says:

        the government of ghana is already giving land to african americans to build real estate and businesses. the only difference is theyre not giving it to them just because ‘theyre black and they love them’, theyre giving it to wealthly black americans who are educated and own something of benefit which will increase profits for the government and country of ghana in the long term. i highly doubt any african country or government will give african americans land simply because they have the same skin color, that is unless they have a very very decisive and intricate plan to increase profits for said country. this means educated and skilled, specialized black americans or ones who own businesses that will increase productivity. theyre not interested at all in jamal from the brox unless he has something of value and simple ‘black pride’ is not something of tangible value.

      • Tyren says:

        also why wouldnt liberia be as good as any other land? building is building, period. the conflict in liberia was the result of terrible planning and anticipation of cultural/geographical realities on the hands of the african americans (something im trying to prevent from happening here) and the truth of the matter that culture in many cases transcends the importance of race. if two cultures are very different, the two tribes will never get along, even if they have the same or similar skin colors. Look at how africans are being treated in india by indians who are pitch darker than them. africa is an extremely huge continent with hundreds of thousands of tribes with different cultures. it wouldnt make a difference if it were in liberia or anywhere else.

    • Tyren says:

      this seems more like youre concerned with emotional rhetoric and ‘getting back’ than actually building your own country. emotions are inconsistent and die out like a flame. this is why when the us government paid for trips to send african americans to liberia and later to haiti to create their own country, they failed miserably. black americans were more concerned about their anger against white people (yes justified in many cases) more than they were about dissecting the infinite complexities and efforts required in building their own country realistically. when they got dropped off, and there were no white people around at all, the emotions wore off and they had no idea what the first thing was to do so they eventually gave up in haiti or in the case of liberia, tried to force indegenous liberians to adopt the european western way of life which resulted in a decades long war and liberia as one of the poorest failed states in the world. i understand your anger but if you truly want a massively complex endeavor such as this to truly become a reality instead of just a fantasy you vented about when you were mad, youre going to have to think about this much more logically.

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    I strongly believe you are on to something here and I believe the sentiments and vision that you have so eloquently and brilliantly put into writing will resonate with a lot of African-Americans even African immigrants. I will, however, point out that as much as you and most forward thinking individuals are willing to accept African immigrants to be a part of what would be a glorious achievement, there will be some who will oppose such a move. It would be unfortunate if such myopic individuals were allowed to have their way.

    This is a great idea that I believe should be seriously considered by all Americans of African descent and everyone should work diligently towards the realization of this goal. Our lives and future may well depend on it.

  22. mel says:

    on you question how do we acquire control of these 8 Southern States?
    you listed a number of things asking the white power structure for something. They will never agree. I suggest we relie on our own actions. just get up and move south. you dont need a law or permission.

    • Tyren says:

      very true. you cant be a so called black nationalist and then expect that white people will give you something if you beg or nag them enough. maybe white liberals will do that but the government is entirely far right republican, theyll never listen to any of your requests at all. white companies own very significant oil pipelines, businesses, housing projects, and resources in these areas. they want negros to seperate but theyre not that willing to send negros to these areas and give up valuable resources just to get rid of them. negros have to acquire momentum systematically, not through war or protest. also as many negro americans filter into these areas and into government, white corporations and businesses will move out in droves so there will be an economic rebound effect unless black people have a fall back already in place before then. this is a good ideal but in practice these things are 1000x more complicated and sensitive than one would imagine. this includes intensive labor requirements and getting the resources required to build, housing, pipelines, infrastructure, transportation (commercial airlines, trains, etc), buildings, electric grids, nuclear plants and trade deals required to acquire appropriate revenue and resources from exports and imports as well as educated diplomatic personnel to maintain those relationships with other countries who possess natural resources not available in that specific area.

  23. mel says:

    I think Mississippi is the state to start with since the population is 40% black. With just 100,000 votes or 40000 families we can control the state. We just need to move south, all retirees and others who want to move.I live in Memphis a suburb which is Mississippi.Its cheap and wonderful down here.

    • Tyren says:

      Votes dont matter, they have to be taken through the congressional process. The US government will never entertain anything within this vein in a million years, especially now that the government in all positions in the senate, house, executive branch, supreme court and many other positions are now 100% republican. Youre setting yourself up for failure if you ask white people or white government for anything at all. This is an entirely black american effort of building from the ground up. The main thing is cultivating black americans that are educated enough to move into positions of state government, mayoral positions, lobbies and congressional positions to create legislation that would pass. Also absolutely nothing can be done without money or wealth. Black americans that are wealthy and already own business (especially in construction and real estate) would have to pitch in majorly for anything like this to reach beyond concept and fantasy. Most inner cities in these areas posses a disporportionate amount of negro americans who are uneducated, unspecialized, unskilled and own nothing at all. You have to make a plan and then be realistic about the requirements for that plan first before you can make a change as well as the current realities and work around those realities or improve them. Something like this would take decades to be honest, but its not impossible.

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