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Crime And Organized Crime In The Black American Homeland

What would crime look like in the African American Homeland? I have reason to believe that crime in the Black American Homeland, (8 State Southern Region) would look very different from the inner city crimes of Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore or Los Angeles.

First, the cause of most crimes in the Black community are poverty, lack of opportunities, discrimination, low self esteem and despair. In the Black American Homeland there would be plenty of opportunities, positive role models, favorable laws, parental guidance and very little discrimination.

However, there will be crime because of the opportunities of choice and most of all greed. In the inner cities, perpetrators of crimes are done by kids 15 to young adults 25 years old who feel they have no other choice. In the Black American Homeland the perpetrators are more educated, much older, resolute, organized (Moorish American Mafia) with plenty of cash to invest in legitimate and illegitimate business establishments and the sustainability of the criminal network is crucial.

For example, most of the kids and young adults are selling drugs on the streets, drug houses and sometimes in public housing areas, which are very noticeable. In the Black American Homeland most drugs will be sold in nite clubs, bars, restaurants, cafe’s, coffee houses, and smoke shops/ convenience stores, in private business establishments in high foot traffic areas, that will draw less attention.

Another example, in the inner cities, prostitutes promote themselves on the street corners exposing themselves to bad conditions on the streets and apprehension by the police. The Black American Homeland the business are disguise as massage parlors or gentlemen houses that are usually located in industrial parks or warehouse districts.

It would also help that most of these establishment will have the protection of the local police Chief or local politician. Thus crime in the Black American Homeland will rarely be scene by the common citizens.

Violent crimes in the African American Homeland, such as armed robbery, Home invasions, bank robbery, rape, drive by shootings, aggravated assault, and senseless murders will be very much less frequent and frown upon by the local community. The older more organized criminals will have complete control of the younger want to be criminals. Violent crimes would cause too much attention to a criminal organization (Moorish Mafia).

Nonetheless there will be increases of other crimes, such as human trafficking (people smuggling and sex trafficking of white, black, Asian and Hispanic women into the region), counterfeiting, money laundering (because of the more liberal banking laws in the 8 State Southern Region (Moorish American Crime Syndicates), billions of dollars of clean and dirty money will flow into the region.), credit card fraud, Internet fraud, arms trafficking (illegal sales of military weapons overseas), drug trafficking, identity theft, Polygamy, illegal gambling establishment, bank fraud, insider trading, investment fraud, auto theft across state line, insurance fraud, extortion, industrial espionage and political crimes such as assassinations, embezzlement, cronyism and kick backs on government contracts. These type of crimes are difficult to prosecute.

Drug trafficking would be the largest cash earner for African American Homeland criminal organizations (Moorish American Cartels). Deals or cooperation with Colombia Cartels, Peruvian Cartels and Venezuelan drug syndicates will be made to guarantee transport or shipment of cocaine, heroin, cannabis, and methamphetamine from South America to New Orlean, Louisiana, Biloxi, Mississippi, Mobile, Alabama and Savannah, Georgia. A certain low percentage of the drugs will remain in the Homeland, by the demand of some powerful Black American Homeland politicians, with the majority of the drugs being distributed to the Midwest States, Mid Atlantic States and North Eastern States.

The 8 State Southern Region will pass laws to decriminalize the recreational use and growing of Cannibas in the region, even as the drug remains illegal under federal law. Regional or State Cannibas agencies will regulate the stores, growing areas of 30,000 square feet and processing facilities. The result would usher in tens of millions of dollars in State tax revenue.



Black Americans Are Not Force To Live In The South

African American Homeland Association – AAHA

The 8 State Southern Region will become a National Home, Regional Home, Cultural Home, Economic Home, Political Home, Spiritual Home, Religious Home, Business or Organization Headquarters, Traditional Home , Retirement destination, Historical Home (250 years of slavery), Investment Home destination (You can live or work anywhere in America, but your Investment dollars go to the 8 State Southern Region) and Safe Haven for Black Americans.

However, any persons regardless of race, religion, creed or sexual orientation can live in the 8 State Southern Region, the Equal Protection Clause, part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitutions, which took effect in 1868, provides that no State shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.

Meaning the 8 State Southern Region cannot deny to any person the right to live, work or do business in the Region, equally the other 42 States cannot deny Blacks, Asians or Hispanics rights to live, work and do business in their States. Even if we rewrite the Constitution of those States, we cannot state, (African Americans shall rule the 8 State Southern Region perpetually or continuously). that is unconstitutional.

If Many years past, Black American population declines, and millions of Indians (India) with their high birth rate and high immigration rate become the dominate population in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, they would probably have Political, Economic and Government Powers of those States.

The State as a Institution would live for eternity, however the group that control the politics of the State will change, from time to time. For example Democrats taking control of the State from the Republicans or Black Americans winning control of the State from the Whites and vice versa.

Another example, if the Gays and Lesbian are truly serious about having political power and having representation in government.They can take control of a State such as New Hampshire which has 1,300,000 people. (I think the Gay and Lesbian make up 15% of the American population). They can easily flood the State with Gay people, local people who do not agree to the Gay or Lesbian life style would leave in masses, thus the Gay community will have total control of the State. Including having Two Senators, Governor and a Congressman. I just gave the Gay and Lesbian community a brilliant idea.

I repeat you can live anywhere in the country. Example, you are a single mother of two young children and live in a small town in Alabama, but jobs are very scariest there, However, you decide to leave your two kids with your mother in Alabama, take a high paying job in Boston, Mass. You work a year or two, visit your kids every two months, you remit monthly allowances to your mother and you save the rest. After two years, you return to small town, Alabama, with the money you saved, build a house or the new skill or idea you learned in Boston, start a new business.

10 million Filipinos are Living and working outside of the Philippines. Together their remittances bring in 22 billion dollars to the Philippines, keeping the economy afloat and family out of poverty. After a few years, they return to the Philippines, build a house or the new skill or idea the picked up in America or elsewhere, start a new business.

Therefore I can vision the least skilled or even the most skilled Black Americans earning money in the other 42 States and remitting Billions of dollars back into the 8 State Southern Region.




Black Americans Must Make A Choice

What is Black Americans worth in American society

There are several reason why the American government, or people in power, I called the White Power Establishment that make up 10% of the population and control 78% of the wealth, haven’t shipped us all out of the country or slaughtered us all.

(The bottom 80% of the white population are powerless to the situation, they are just barely making it like us Black Americans, therefore they bully us like we are the reason for their sorry state. but at least they are not at the very bottom. If Black American get Political and Economic Power, then there is a chance that a number of them can go to the very bottom. For that reason, they don’t want any changes of the existing condition, status quo).

Some of the few reasons include 1) Labor, Since the founding of the United States of America, Black Americans only value was slave labor. After 1865, we became waged labor and sharecroppers.

After World War I we became waged labor in factories throughout the mid west, north east and west coast.

And since 1970’s until today we have been used as labor in the service industry such as civil service, retail, transportation, construction, health care, financial real estate and others.

2) Consumers, Black Americans consumes about 15% of the good and services in the United States, if the Black American consumer market disappears, it would cause a catastrophic collapses of the markets. The rich will lose trillions of dollars.

3) Military Services, Black Americans have fought in every war since the revolutionary war in 1775, Since the Korean war, Black American military personnel have been over represented in recruitment and casualties.

4) Entertainment, Black Americans are represented in music, film, TV, radio, and comedy and Black American athletes made the White power structure proud with its athletic dominance on the world stage.

5)White man’s Burden, White Guilt, That white people have a moral duty and obligation to rule over, and encourage the culture development of people of color until they can take  their place in the world economically and socially.

George Will, a conservative American political columnist, wrote: “[White guilt is] a form of self-congratulation, where whites initiate “compassionate policies” toward people of color, to showcase their innocence to racism.

After world war II America became a dominate world power or the world’s police. Therefore its policies towards people of color begin to change slowly until the end of the 1960’s.

This brings me back to my original title, Black Americans most make a choice.  The white Power structure does have a white guilt complex and because of the white guilt, the White power structure doesn’t feel that it can make an ultimatum to the black community, because the Black Americans have already suffered. However, to make changes, choices have to be made. The White power structure is asking the black community to make it’s own decision on three choices.

1) Do you want To Leave?

The white power structure know the black population had suffered for 400 years, slavery, jim crow, racism, discrimination what have you. They have documented the whole affair. But no white person of any political or economic influence, would come out and say, Black Americans do you want to leave and set up your own independent country?, because they might be labeled a racist or trying to cleans America of it’s black population. If a number of credible black leaders come to the white power establishment with overwhelming support from the black community let’s say 80%. Then the white Power structure will go to its council of leaders, put a proposal together that will satisfied the American citizens, United Nation, World leaders and the Black Community. The White power structure know the cost could be in the tens of trillions of dollars over a number of years. However, the pay off could be the lifting of white guilt, the white man’s burden and living in a country with very few blacks.

2) If you decide to Stay you must give us total submission.  

If the Black American submit to us the white power establishment we will take care of you, we’ll give you basic housing, basic jobs, basic education and welfare if you don’t want to work. A number of you will climb into the middle class and a very few of you will become very rich. The only thing the white power establishment ask is that you conform to our values and give us praise for allowing you to live among us. Give up your rebellious ways, criminality, counterculture, deviant behaviors and violent tendencies. If you are dependent on us, you do not deserve any political or economic powers.

Most Black Americans are dependent on the political and economic structures of the United States. But, we do get dissatisfied or angry with the second class treatment, so one day there’s a call to go back to Africa, the next day we want independence or political and economic powers. Yet, we are hesitant to fight for political or economic power because we can lose our small privilege position, job or life. The white power structure is perplex and feel the Black community doesn’t know what they want. Because there are no real Black power structures, it’s impossible for the white power establishment to commit to any plans dealing with the improvement of Black Americans.

3) Fight for Political, Economic, Government Power, but used nonviolent means. We will not give you any help to figure this out, you are on your own. This has been the white power establishment policy since the late nineteen sixties. We’ll let the Black man alone to find the secret to power in America. The White power establishment says there is a way to get Political power by using nonviolent means. They are giving us clues.

I spent some time in South Africa from late 1994 to mid 1996 and before, I didn’t believe apartheid will never end. The white South Africans had the government power, economic power police power and military power. The white South African government and military could have easily wiped out the whole black race in South Africa. The white South Africa only weakness were their much smaller population. And I asked myself why would the The white South Africans give up power to the black Africans.  The white power establishment were probably influenced by the British government and American government, that the time has come for the end of white rule. However, the white world and white South African knew that other than Nationalization of South Africa’s resources, it would take more than Political power for the Black Africans to take over South Africa’s economic power. (In other words a trade off was made, the Black Africans will take over Political Power and the Whites will keep Economic Power for now). The Black South African only legitimacy to national power was the fact it had the majority population and they were the original inhabitants of the region, it had the numbers to win an one man one vote. (The Black South African road to Economic power will take a couple generations, as of now most Black South Africans are very far from understanding the western ways of doing business, banking, finance and world trade). Then it dawn on me that the secret to political power in America, is having majority population of a political or government Institution. Next to the federal government, the State government is the most powerful Institution in the United States.

My conclusion, If we want Political, Economic, and Government Power we have to focus on acquiring the most important Institutions that is available. That is why I propose to the Black Community, the African American Homeland, or the 8 State Southern Region… North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee. With organization, planning, strategy, political will and a united populations of 46,000,000 people, we can have the super majority of these 8 States.  We can then build other Institutions in the midst of these State Institutions.

(As compare to the Black South African population, I think the Black American population has a much better grasp of the western ways of doing business, banking , finance and world trade. Therefore it will take 7 to 10 years to control at least half of the economic power in the 8 State Southern Region).

We only need 36,000,000 Black Americans to make a super majority in the 8 State Southern Region. The other 10,000,000 Black Americans will be spread out among the other 42 States and territories.

The White Power establishment is actually telling us to build our own Political, Economic, and Government Power structures. But the White Power establishment want the transition done in a orderly fashion, so not to disrupt the whole economy. If we are incompetent to do that, then there is no reason for them to put any effort or commitment to help.

The choice is easy, I rather fight for Political, Economic and Government Power.



Black American Homeland

North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee are the 8 States I claim the Black American Homeland. A place where Black Americans could live in peace and prosper.

It would not be an Independent nation, but a Regional block of States with no more or no less rights than any other State in the United States of America.

With a land area of 375,000 square miles and population of 50,000,000, the racial make up of the region are 80% Black Americans, 15% White, 3% non black Hispanic and 2% Asian and others.

All 8 Governors are Black Americans, 16 Senators are Black Americans and 61 Congressman are Black Americans.Most of the State Legislatures, Judges, State Officials and State Government Workers are Black Americans.

All Universities in the Region such as North Carolina U, Clemson, Georgia Tech. Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, Mississippi, LSU, U of Arkansas and Tennessee are predominately Black Americans.

80% of the Farm land is owned by Black American

A Southern Stock Exchange with a capitalization of 1 trillion dollars is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia

There’s a regional equivalent to Freddy Mac for Home Mortgages.

75% of all businesses in the 8 State Southern Region are Black American owned

Whites, Asians and Hispanics who are loyal and obey our State Laws are encouraged to Live among us in peace and prosperity.

Whites that want to leave will be given just compensation for their property.