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Illegal and Legal Immigration are Destroying The Black American Community, the African American Homeland Is Our Last Hope.


Legal and illegal immigration are destroying the Black American Community. The African American Homeland is our last Hope!

Since The End Of Slavery, American Business Society preferred to hire Legal and Illegal immigrates over the local Black American population.

African American leaders must be advised by two lessons from history, 1) With out vision, the people will perish. 2) Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

African American Leaders and intellectuals do not give considerations to these lessons as it pertains to immigration. They are either ignorant to the facts or fail to understand how today’s conditions are similar to those during the preceding wave of mass immigration.

The results of these misguided political choices and action is that African Americans are in danger of much greater joblessness, incarceration, displacement, poverty, disenfranchisement and even worst genocide.

The White population is declining, so much so they will account for only 42% of the total population by 2050. The African American population is growing only at a marginal rate, 15% by 2050. The Asian population 10% and Hispanic population 33% by 2050, are showing tremendous growth rates. By 2070 or 2080, I don’t want to imagine who will be running the United States Of American. Certainly it will not be the Whites or Black Americans. The only bright spot for the Whites, are that they will continue to control much of the economy, while Black Americans will be stuck at the very bottom in every meaningful category.

The new race of people, who will be running the United States of America will not give a damn, what African Americans have suffered over 200 years ago, and it will be a Black American race extinction mistake to leave our future to the hands of these people.

Therefore, I called On African American Political leaders, Intellectuals, Preachers, Educators, Celebrities, Business leaders and the Black American society as a whole to mass migrate to the 8 State Southern Region, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee.

Every rural counties, every small or big cities, every small town, every suburbs, every communities, every neighborhoods does not matter how rich, middle class or poor must feel the presence of the African American mass migration. If we can’t afford to live in their million dollar neighborhoods, or join their Country Clubs then will set up hundreds of squatter tents outside of their neighborhoods and they will be force to see and smell the life of Black America. There shall be no White Oasis.

The result of this assault on the senses will cause 3/4 or 75% of the White population to mass migrate out of the 8 State Southern Region. For reason ranging from 1) fear of increase crime 2) fear of lower property values 3) fear of mixing with people of color 4) Fear of lost of life 5) there is nothing greater to fear than fear itself

Once Black Americans have an overwhelming majority of the population, say 80%, We will have control of the Governments and Politics of the 8 State Southern Region. Next is obtaining Economic control of the 8 State Southern Region.

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Social Class, Who Will Be Rich, Middle Class, And Poor In The Black American Homeland

by Frederick Delk


Household income is one of the most used measures of income and, therefore, also one of the most used indicators of social class.



My opinion, however, American society has always grouped all Black Americans into One Social Class regardless of education or income. Which is understandable because the lower class culture tends to dominate the Black American Community.

I call this culture a Rebellion Culture, rebellion against the dominate White society. The lower class culture dominates the Black American culture because our upper class, A,B class in the Black Community are invisible, powerless, or they are controlled by the White Upper class.

However, in The African American Homeland, I think it could be very different.The ABC class will dominate the Black American Culture in the African American Homeland. The ABC class will have more autonomy, more control, make the rules and set the standards in the African American Homeland.

The A,B class will live in the most expensive neighborhoods in the city or suburbs, they will join very expensive Golf and Country Clubs, They will shop at the more expensive shopping districts and eat at the most expensive restaurants. A,B class travel overseas and go on Ski Trips in the mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia. Their children will attend private schools and the best Universities in the 8 Southern States. AB class will dress different, communicate different and have different values from the C D E class.

The C class will live in more moderately priced neighborhoods, they will have their own Golf and Country clubs, though some will try to join the Country Clubs of the AB class. The C class will shop at middle class Shopping malls and take vacation trips throughout the USA, Caribbean and Mexico. Most children will attend public schools in nice areas of town and attend State Universities, but, some higher than average C class students will attend private schools and top Universities. The C class will dress, communicate differently and have different values from the D, E class.

The D, E class will live in the lower cost or poorer areas of town, some will live in the C class areas. The D,E class will shop at the most inexpensive shopping districts and markets, though many will venture to the C class shopping malls. Most will take their vacation to the nearest State Park, Beaches or visit family members in a near State. Most D,E class students will attend the less funded public schools and attend community colleges or the least competitive State Colleges and Universities. However, a very few of the most gifted academic and athletic D,E class students will attend private high schools and top private and State Universities. The D,E class will dress different and have it own vernacular differences from the A,B,C class. Some D class will try to communicate and have values like the A,B,C class.

Nonetheless all classes are dependent on each other. The C,D,E class will be dependent on the Political and Economic leadership of the A,B class on the National and State level. The C,D,E class will be dependent on the A,B class to make rules, regulations and laws, that will keep every one safe, secured and make more favorable business environment or make sound Business decisions that will create jobs and economic growth in Black American Homeland.

The A,B,D,E class will be dependent on the C class to managed the day to day Government services and Economic services of the African American Homeland. The C class is the largest class, therefore it will be the largest consumer class that builds value for Black American owned businesses and corporations and major tax payers for the small towns, cities, counties and State government that will support the African American homeland.

The A,B,C class will be dependent on the D,E class for their low cost labor and consumerism. Also the A,B,C class would always be aware psychologically that they don’t want to be in the D,E class, therefore it will push A,B,C class to be more accountable. The African American Homeland 5 classes A,B,C,D,E.

A Class, Make up 1% of the population, The Rich; Top Executives, Business leaders, Powerful Politicians, Large private land and business owners, Heirs, Celebrities; Usually well educated, Income level $250,000 and over.

B Class, Make up 15% of the population, The Upper Class; commonly salaried, Professionals and middle management, Politicians, medium size Business owners, Highly skilled individual; often with post graduate degrees, Income level $100,000 to $249,000.

C Class, Make up 50% of the population, The Middle Class;  Semi-professionals and Craftsmen, Sales Professional, Public servants, small Business owners, lower management, high skilled laborers; College educated or some college education, Income $35,000 to $100,000.

D Class, Make up 24% of the population, The Working Class;  Service, low level clerical and some blue-collar workers, very small business owners. low job security: High School education, Income $15,000 to $34,900.

E Class, Make up 10% of the population, The Poor;  Those with limited participation in the labor force, micro Business owners. dependent on government welfare. Some High School education.   $15,000 and Below.

You can see that there are no large differences in household income level between the real U.S Census and my potential African American Homeland income theory, A class to D class. However, the E class or the Poor could be cut by more than half because of the African American Homeland policies of encouraging and promoting marriage and small business participation.

The African American homeland or Economic Community of Eight Southern States goal is to increase the marriage level of Black American single mothers with children to around 75%. There will be a variety of incentives in place for Black men to married their children’s mothers including farm land, a plot of land to build a house, low interest mortgages, priority hiring in public service jobs, Apprenticeship programs and small business loans. Single Mothers will also be encouraged to marry. Because Black Men will have more opportunities, political power, autonomy and resources in the African American Homeland, the result will have a boom in marriages and relationships for Black American Women This might be controversial but, I would be open to Polygamy, I Called the Evander Holyfield Bill, for men with multiple children by multiple women who want to marry. However, all have to go through counselling, the women must agree and the man has to prove his ability to support such a union. Divorce is limited in any marriage, However, divorce is not possible in a Polygamous union.

The biggest gain in the African American Homeland will be the increase in Wealth asset of the average Black American Family. With an increase in Primary Home ownership, other residential properties, commercial properties, farm land, other financial assets, Retirement Accounts, other non financial assets and especially Business equity. I expect the median net worth of Black Americans to increase Ten Folds over 2012 level to around $68,000 cutting the wealth gap to about half of the White family median net worth of $130,000.

The African American Homeland 80/20 model will be 80% Black Americans, 15% White Americans, 3% non black Hispanic and 2% Asian and others. Therefore Black Americans will be the most influential, most Powerful population in the 8 State Southern Region. When the children from the D and E class see Black American Professionals, role models  from the A,B class in the news or TV programs, in the magazines, newspapers or on the streets, that looks like them, it will only aspire them to want to be in the A,B or C class.

IT is in White society best interest that African American control the 8 State Southern Region. It will give the White community a much higher standard of living in other parts of the country because 1) Black Americans will be much less visible in other regions of the country. 2)fear of crime will almost be eliminated in the other regions. 3) Fear of integrating, mixing and cohabitation with people of color is much less. 4) Purity of the White race, you said, is extremely important. 5) the White population are declining and in the future, a White majority states may be called in the Midwest, Rocky Mountain  and Northeast States. 6) If the African American community plunder this opportunity, they can’t blame it on the Whites, 7) White man’s Burden should not exist.


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The Black American Promised land Are The 8 Southern States, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee


by Frederick Delk
The Black American true Promise land are the 8 Southern States, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and possibly Virginia.

Why were we brought here to North America by the millions? Between the 1600’s to 1865 millions of our ancestors worked the land and were buried in the 8 Southern States.

Few were buried properly, therefore the  remains of our ancestors are deeply inbedded in the soil. Our ancestors suffered for 300 hundred years and today, 100 years later, We are still experiencing pain.

Before land is promised to a people, the people must suffer greatly on that land. I feel that the 8 State Southern Region was promised to the Black Americans in 1865, just after the civil war. Black American’s fought for the Union army, we won the war. Black Americans deserved the spoils of that war which are the 8 State Southern Region.

However, we did not claimed this region of land or we did not have knowledge of this true calling. For over 140 years Black Americans have been wandering aimlessly throughout the United States of America.

Between 1910 to 1980 during the Great Migration over 8 million Black Americans moved out of the South to different regions of the country. We lost millions of acres of farm land, in 1905 in Some Southern States such as South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana we made up the majority of the population or equal population with the Whites, therefore we lost potential economic and political powers.

Later integration and illegal immigration has further eroded the Black American Community such as that we refuse to patronize Black owned businesses, we are reluctant to used Black American professional, the hatred towards one another, we kill our brothers, Black men do not married their children’s mothers, Black women have lost all respect for Black men and we lost our title as the largest minority group.

We have many rights and choices and free will in this Democratic Country, that we forget the main reason why we fought for these rights. We fought for the right to take responsibility for our families, friends and the Black American people.

We must get it right Black man, Black women are not the reason for our problems. The Black men should take full responsibility for all problems in the Black American community, consequently, Black men should organize themselves and find solutions to these problems.

When you claim land, you must occupied it. I call on Black Americans to make a modern day mass migration back to the 8 State Southern Region, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee.

There are 12,000,000 Black Americans living in the 8 State Southern region. Therefore additional 24 million Black Americans will be needed to make a super majority in the region. Because White American do not like everyday mingling with people of color, they will instinctively begin to mass migrate out of the 8 State Southern Region, it is very important for the White’s to remain a pure breed.

To note, there should be no White Oasis or all white communities. The Black American mass migration must be felt through out the region, from the Cities, to the suburbs, to the small towns and rural areas.

What Will The Black American Homeland look Like?

Memphis, Tennessee could become The Chicago of the South. Nashville, Tennessee will become an Industrial hub for mid west manufacturers wanting to take advantage of lower land prices, leases and lower labor cost.

New Orleans is such an unique area that it can become a major international trading center, tourism, cultural, Jazz Capital, cuisine, fashion, architectural, Artist city like San Francisco or Paris.

Atlanta will become the New York of the South, Business hub, International Banking center, International Travel Hub, Southern Stock Exchange, Communication Center, Print Media hub, Fashion Models, theatre, Popular Music Production, and Largest Metro area in the South.

Charleston, South Carolina will become the Los Angeles,Black Hollywood or Charlywood of the South; anything to do with Movies and Television production, Sports and outdoor Fashion center, Cosmetic Surgery Center, Sport medicine, Bikini Models and major beach tourism area.

Hilton Head, South Carolina will become the Miami Beach of the South where the rich, the famous and the beautiful Black Americans come to live, party and play.

Charlotte, North Carolina will become Banking Center, regional business Hub, an alternative to Atlanta.

Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Highpoint conglomerate will become or stay as the University hub, high tech Manufacturer, Research Triangle, Biotech and precision instrument Manufacturer, military weapons manufacturer and contractors.


Black American Community not doomed If IQ Score is 85

Frederick Delk
My argument is that the Black American community are not doomed if our average IQ score is 85. If you look at the table below of 81 countries and their average IQ scores, it reveals that, there are a number of countries with IQ scores of 92 and below that are relatively successful democratic countries for example, Greece 92, Malaysia 92, Thailand 91, Croatia 90. And a number of these countries have booming economies for example, Turkey 90, Indonesia 89, Brazil 87, Mexico 87, Philippines 86 and India 81. Black American have a higher $35,000 per capita income than countries with higher IQ such as China IQ 100, South Korea 106, Taiwan 104, Hungry 99, Poland 99, or Spain 99. There are a few countries with lower IQ than Black Americans that are a bit surprising for example, Iran 84, Egypt 83, India 81, Ecuador 80, and Saudi Arabia 80. If these countries have the capability of running their own countries, I know Black Americans can at least govern 8 Southern States. If Black American’s have control of the 8 States Southern region, with the will of the people and the 8 State Government, we can easily raise our scores by 5 points in five years. If Black Americans compare themselves only to white Americans it can look dismal, but if we compare ourselves to the world, we are actually doing very well. Therefore positive feed back should embolden Black Americans to do much better and do what we have to do, to be competitive in the global market place.

Rank Country IQ estimate Rank Country IQ estimate Rank Country IQ estimate African American 85
1 Hong Kong 107 28 Russia 96 55 Fiji 84
2 South Korea 106 29 Slovakia 96 56 Iran 84
3 Japan 105 30 Uruguay 96 57 Marshall Islands 84
4 Taiwan 104 31 Portugal 95 58 Puerto Rico 84
5 Singapore 103 32 Slovenia 95 59 Egypt 83
6 Austria 102 33 Israel 94 60 India 81
7 Germany 102 34 Romania 94 61 Ecuador 80
8 Italy 102 35 Bulgaria 93 62 Guatemala 79
9 Netherlands 102 36 Ireland 93 63 Barbados 78
10 Sweden 101 37 Greece 92 64 Nepal 78
11 Switzerland 101 38 Malaysia 92 65 Qatar 78
12 Belgium 100 39 Thailand 91 66 Zambia 77
13 China (PRC) 100 40 Croatia 90 67 Republic of the Congo 73
14 New Zealand 100 41 Peru 90 68 Uganda 73
15 United Kingdom 100 42 Turkey 90 69 Jamaica 72
16 Hungary 99 43 Indonesia 89 70 Kenya 72
17 Poland 99 44 Suriname 89 71 South Africa 72
18 Spain 99 45 Colombia 89 72 Sudan 72
19 Australia 98 46 Brazil 87 73 Tanzania 72
20 Denmark 98 47 Iraq 87 74 Ghana 71
21 France 98 48 Mexico 87 75 Nigeria 67
22 Norway 98 49 Samoa 87 76 Guinea 66
23 United States 98 50 Tonga 87 77 Zimbabwe 66
24 Canada 97 51 Lebanon 86 78 Congo 65
25 Czech Republic 97 52 Philippines 86 79 Sierra Leone 64
26 Finland 97 53 Cuba 85 80 Ethiopia 63
27 Argentina 96 54 Morocco 85 81 Equatorial Guinea 59