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The African American Homeland Was Lost With the Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln


President Abraham Lincoln was slowly coming to a final conclusion; To The so called Negro problem. Many ideas and suggestions were made, what to do with the Negroes once they were all free. There were proposals made to send Black Americans to Haiti, several hundred Black American were sent to Haiti but that project failed. Suggestions were made to send Black Americans to Panama and other parts of South America, that failed. Proposals were made to send Black Americans back to Africa. Several thousand Black Americans were sent to newly formed colony of Liberia. However, many Black American died of malaria and other diseases because after several generations of living in North America their bodies were not condition for the harsh environment of tropical West Africa, therefore the Government abandon or never involved itself in those projects. There were suggestions made to send former Black Slaves to refugee camps in Massachusetts by the hundreds of thousands, however the leaders of Massachusetts,” Not in our State. The suggestion of sending Black Americans to Texas or Florida came up in conversations on numerous occasions.
As the Civil War dragged on, the solution to the Negro problem became more apparent. These are the events that set the stage for the creation of the African American Homeland.
1) The Confederate States seceded from the Union of the United States Of America. Those citizens of the Confederate States lost all rights as citizens of the USA.
2) The Confiscation act of 1861 and 1862 authorized the confiscation of any Confederate property, land, buildings or slaves by Union forces. Under this Act, Union forces seized tens millions of acres held by Confederate leaders, military leaders and other rebels.
3) Enlisting hundreds of thousands of Black soldiers into the Union Army and Navy. The Black soldiers exhibited their willingness and ability to fight for their freedom.
4) Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 freed the slaves in Confederate held territory.
5) The reelection of Abraham Lincoln in 1864 gave him a mandate to win and end the war.