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Incentives For African Americans To Migrate To The African American Homeland

Incentives for African Americans to migrate to the 8 State Southern Region.

1) Reparation Laws passed by the 8 Southern States Legislatures, signed by the 8 Governors and supported by the 8 States Supreme Courts will give the 8 States the legal capacity or authority to right the wrong of 400 years of political, social and economic injustice.

2) Land Reform, African American Homeland citizens are given the opportunity to acquire raw land, Farm land, Ranches, commercial land, residential land and other properties. The State will take control or ownership of land considered vital Forest land or Public land with just compensation.

3)Control of State and Local Budgets.

4) Large, medium and small business opportunities. 80% to 85% of all State and Local contracts go to Black American Professionals and Black owned Corporations and Businesses.

5) Control of the 8 States Executive and Legislature Systems

6) Control of the 8 States Supreme Court, State Court, County Court and Local Court Systems

7) 20% of all Jobs in the African American Homeland are Public service jobs.

8) Tens of thousands of Elected and Appointed position opportunities

9) Control of the State and Local Police Systems

10) Control of the 8 State Public School, State Universities and Community College Systems

11)Black American Professionals and Businesses are favored by State Law, Regulation, Policies and Programs.

12) One trillion dollar Southern Stock Exchanged headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For Black American Corporations to raised money to buy up white owned corporate asset inside the 8 State Southern Region.

13) Most non violent criminal records and certain violent criminal records under special circumstances Expunged. All ex-felons who have served their time can vote.

14) 2 Parent families will have first priority for Jobs, Housing, Farm Land, small business loans, insurance, healthcare etc. This initiative is to increase the marriage rate and drastically reduce the number of single mothers, therefore decreasing poverty.

15) Formation of Regional, State and Local Banks with over 2.5 trillion dollars in total assets, compare to 21 Black owned Banks with 5 billion dollars in asset.

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