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Moorish American Concept vs Black American vs African American

Moor/Moorish Americans

By: Frederick Delk

The Moors/Moorish term for nationality is a brilliant concept, and could be embraced by the masses of “African” Americans. However, the Moorish Science Temple’s, and other Moorish groups most have a common doctrine, to become main stream, or be fully accepted in the African American community. There’s nothing wrong using the term “Black” in a unofficial gathering among friends, family or used to intimidate, provoke but, in Business, Politics, Government and International Relations, the term “Black” is inappropriate, black is a color. “African” American is more formal. However, Africa is a continent with over 50 countries and “African”, “West African” probably more suited for a Nigerians, Malian, Kenyans, Tanzanians who already have National identities. The term Moors/Moorish does sound attractive and doesn’t have a negative description, at least not in America, but in some regions in Europe the word Moor is respected and feared.
“What people call themselves is a Brand”. It has been written,throughout history that the Greeks, Arabs, Romans,Spanish, French,Germans British has used terms such as Blackamoor, Moors, Mavro, Maurus, Mauri, Maroons, Moreno, Morena, Maurice and others as a general description for indigenous Africans. In his book Destruction of Black Civilization, Dr. Chancellor Williams described Moors/Moorish people as “Black” Africans from West Africa, Ghana Empires, Mali Empires, and Songhai Empires. Manse Musa, Emperor of the Mali Empire was a Moor. From 700 AD to 1600 AD “Black” West Africans in particular and most of Africa as a whole were called Moors/Blackamoors. Moor actually mean black or swarthy.
The term Moors, is not synonymous with “Islamic” or any specific Arab or African religion, civilization, or ethnicity. The West African Empires of Ghana, Mali, Kenam Bornu, Songhai covered and controlled most of West Africa and were in existence at least since the Greeks and Roman empires. The People of Ghana, Mali, Songhai Empires traded with the Berbers, Arabs, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians in Salt, Gold and other commodities. When civilizations outside Africa described Moors they are identifying the people of Ghana, Mali, Kenam Bornu and the Songhai Empires. When Spain was conquered in early 700 AD it was a group effort of Arabs, Berbers, and different ethnic groups from the West Africa. The darker skin Africans were the largest numbers in the army and looked very different from the local Spanish population. Therefore every one were described as Moors including the Berbers and Arabs. North African Berbers and foreign Arabs had a very small population, they had to recruit dark skin Africans to boost their numbers to take control of Southern Europe. The Christian Europeans were fighting the Muslims on several fronts, they lost Constantinople in 1453. However, Spain reclaimed their country from the Muslims with the help of other European Christians and many Moors were forced back into North Africa in the mid/late 1400 hundreds. Ironically the first target of slavery in West Africa were the Moors (the Portuguese and the Spanish referred to all Muslims regardless of race as Moors. Pope Eugene lV gave a decree that capturing the Moors as slaves was part of the Crusade. Thus the origin of the Atlantic Slave Trade. The dark skin Moors/Africans were used as a scapegoat for the wrong doing of the lighter skin Arabs/Muslims who were attacking, plundering and enslaving Europeans. European took revenged on the Africans. Once The Moors/Africans reached the Americas, they were strip of their language, costume, religion and identity as Moors, Fulani, Soninke, Mande, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Wolof, Mandingo, Akans, Songhai, Mossi, Kanuri and Tuareg who helped conquered Spain. They didn’t want the Africans/Moors to know that they ruled over the Portugal and Spain. After the 1600 AD Berbers, Arabs and mix breeds in the Moroccan territory were readily regarded as Moors. Dr Chancellor Williams stated,”The African Blacks, having had even this name taken from them, must contend for recognition as Moors”.Therefore the ‘Black’, ‘African’ Americans are Moors/Moorish Americans.
For the Moors/Moorish term to be accepted. The Moorish American Organization must have professional Lawyers and historians to draw realistic historical doctrine that is sensitive to the needs, history and is agreeable to the masses in the ‘Black’ American community.
Before I go further, I want to give respect and gratitude to Noble Drew Ali 1886-1929 the Founder, Moorish Science Temple of America and the Moorish American Movement. Noble Drew intended to provide a sense of cultural identity and racial pride for “African” Americans. I have high regards for the Moorish Science Temple concept of civic participation/duty, learning Laws and the US Constitutions. The Moorish Science Temple and some others has a religious (Islam) component. Modern Orthodox Moor/Moorish American, is offering a non-religious and Christian alternative.
1) Asiatic term, must be discarded, doesn’t matter how legitimate the term is, we are Africans. 2) There shall be no connection with the country Morocco, I’m identifying the Moroccan Empire that conquered the Songhai Empire in 1591. I hear stories of the country Morocco, killing Black Africans trying to emigrate to Europe. If you go to the country of Morocco today, all of them look like half breed Black Africans and Arabs. Instead the West African Empires of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Kanem Bornu, should be our Root/Origin.The Moors from these Empires were recruited by the Arabs to fight in Spain and Portugal. 3)The term Moor/Moorish could be Christian, Atheist, Hebrew, Muslim, Buddhist, Traditional Religion. Moor/Moorish is a nationality, no affiliation with any religion 4) Moors/Moorish could be of any African Ethnic, Racial group however, primarily African. 5)  Moors/Moorish Americans were in the Americas before the landing of Christopher Columbus, but not doing the Pangaea period when all the continents were together. 5) Orthodox Moors/Moorish Americans reject any off the wall assertions. 6)You don’t have to pay money for a Moorish American Nationality card. Simple Steps, All “African” Americans are Moors/Moorish Americans. It is our Birth Right, But to Officially become a Moor/Moorish American you have to announce “I’m a Moor” or “I’m Moorish American” in front of two witnesses and that is all needed. Mothers with children under 18 who announce their intent, children are Moor/Moorish Americans. Once the Moor/Moorish American reach a certain number. We will demand the federal/state governments to change or add Moor/Moorish status or identity on all records and documents. I traveled to 22 countries on 5 continents and the USA is one of a few countries that ask for your Nationality and Race. So your nationality is Moorish American, your race is Moor/African/Black. Most countries use their nationality as their race or continent as their race. Race as a color is an American concept. Identifying myself as a Moorish American when traveling overseas is extremely powerful and it is immediately accepted. When asked, where is my homeland or region, I explained the Southeastern, United States. Just like Northern Iraq is accepted as the Kurdish Homeland or Region. The African American Homeland concept and the Moors/Moorish American concept could both be incorporated together.
Amoorican,  Amaurican, Mooritania
I see a huge marketing potential, Let your creativity blossom; Moorish Restaurants, Moorish American Cuisine, Moorish retailers, Moorish Beer, Moorish Rum, Moorish Chocolate, Moorish American Art, Moorish American Fashion, Moorish American Furniture, Moorish American Whiskey, Moorish American Architecture, Moorish American Shoes, Moorish American Jewelry.
Moorish American Architecture is a fusion of North West Africa, Iberian Peninsula, other Mediterranean input with Modern Black Southern American Styles. Used for Public Government Buildings, Malls, Shopping Centers, Churches, Private Mansions, Museum, Restaurants etc. Characteristic elements include ogee arches, horseshoe arches, muqarnas, crenellated arches, domes, lancet arches, courtyards, and decorative tile work.
Moorish American Cuisine is a fusion of Mediterranean, some East Asian, with a Black Southern American twist.
I surveyed a group of 10 teenagers in a Mall in the Manila, Philippines. I asked, them to name 10 famous “Black” Americans? They named over 100 famous people. I asked them to name me 10 famous Moroccans? Silence. I asked to name 10 famous Arabs? Silence. I asked, to name 10 famous Muslims? They named 3 famous Black American Muslims and 2 Muslims former heads of States. My point is Moorish American Culture will move around the world so fast, Everybody will forget about the country, Morocco.

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