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African American Homeland States


Black Majority Scenerio

The Black Population is growing faster than the whites, partially because of a higher black birthrates and Blacks from the northern cities are increasingly returning to the Southern States of their Grand and Great Grand Parents because of crime, cold weather and increase in the cost of living.

The progression of Blacks returning South should continue as Mexican and other Illegal immigrants have taken low skilled jobs that’s a primary source of black income. To add, Asian immigrant entrepreneurs, who provide much Urban employment, often hold racist views about Blacks. Blacks should remember that many third world immigrants are without the sense of historic guilt that many northern whites have.

Depending on how strong and how long these demographic current flows, the South will soon tip into a Black Majority.

Out of nowhere, with barely a blink, Black Americans will have the Majority in the 8 Southern States. Black Homeland Coalition Party will seize Political Control, First the major cities, Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, Charleston, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans Jackson, MS, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile, then majority Black Counties and work their way into predominant white counties in the periphery. Conservative whites will flee to defacto white enclaves seeking refuge. The wealthy whites of the old establishment, seeking to retain their power & property are advocating power sharing & a supposed new South. Demographics and affirmative actions will force out the whites starting with the moderates, non property owning and working class whites. As the Black Pop. continue to grow,white flight will accelerate & Blacks will become the voting majority in the 8 States Southern Region. The Black Homeland Coalition Party will then legally seize the three branches of State Government, the Judicial branch, State Legislature branch and the Executive branch- Governorship in elections, State after State, causing even more white flight. Some Liberal whites have no problems intermingling with Black Americans, other remaining whites will increasingly become radicalized and form self defense militias.

Clashes with black militias and black controlled police forces will occur, and they will steadily increase in frequency, duration and violence until most white enclaves are over run or abandon altogether.

Favorable factors will be alignment of the northern-liberal dominated federal government, which at first will support the powerful Black Homeland Coalition Party because of it’s vote delivery power.

The Federal Government will face the dilemma of massive and indiscriminate use of heavy weapons against the African American Homeland States, if it secede or espoused for complete Independence prematurely or if Power is seized by a more radical revolutionary Muslim faction of the Black Homeland Coalition Party. A Suggestion is to keep power far away from the hands of more radical factions of the Coalition Party. The Black Homeland Coalition Party at the very least guaranteed a Predominantly Protestant Christian Society/Region and a Republican form of Government.

Skirmish in the South are widespread because of the close intermingling of the two races, which white flight will partly reduce. It will also be without mercy due to the mutual hatred and contempt so deeply rooted in southern history.

Unlike the Mexican aliens in the southwest, all Black Americans are citizens that can vote and they have a cohesive Coalition that is already seizing power legally and gradually. thus guerrilla warfare isn’t necessary, at least initially. In fact, the first guerrilla and or terrorist formation to appear in the South will almost certainly be white. Military Virtues, traditional values, patriotism, religious fundamentalism, adherence to cultural norms and distrust of central authority have long been features of southern white culture. Likewise many Southern whites tend react to events in a very personal and immediate manner, a characteristic that confound Northerners.

This is why I advocate for the immediate formation of the African American Homeland Security and Defense Forces to supplement State Defense Forces, National Guards and Black Militias.

The Southern States have been an occupied region since the Civil War and Reconstruction Era, and the threat of Federal Intervention was the only thing that kept the South from all-out warfare during the sixties.

The whites and blacks in the South are intermingled, they are in political, economic and psychological competition. and they have no mutual history other than mutual distrust and hatred.

Black American will have Predominant Population and Political Control of the 8 States Southern Region, and white southerners face the stark reality that Fleeing or Cooperating will be their only realistic reply to legally constituted or established African American Political and Police Powers.

When some citizens sued the city over this withholding of police protection, city Attorney responded in court.”The plaintiff simply had no constitutional or federal right to have the police respond to their calls for assistance or to receive police protection against potential harm caused by private parties.”(New York Times,June 28,1993,p.3)

 Blacks had Controlled, Reconstruction Era