Black States Matter

US Constitutional Powers Matter, Institutions Matter, Territory-Land Matter, Structural System Matter, Culture Matter. African Americans can not compete with White Americans if they don’t have matching Institutions. The fundamental problems in the USA are that whites control all the necessary Institutions needed to build a strong, prosperous community and Black Americans are given the crumbs.

Black States Matter supports the idea of Predominant Population and Political Control of a Region of States. As the second largest Ancestry group after the 49 million Germans in the United States, Black American 45 million population is more than enough to have Predominant Population and Political Control of the 8 States Southern Region. Political Control of a Region of States can be obtain Legally and Orderly through Peaceful Democratic Means.

Political Control of a Region of States will grant African Americans US Constitutional Powers, Power to Charter Banks and Corporations, Power to Charter Courts, Counties and Cities, Eminent Domain Powers, Power to Collect Taxes, Power to Make and Enforce Laws, Power to Regulate Intrastate (within the State) Businesses, Power to Issue Bonds and Borrow Money and Ratify Amendments to the Constitution.

Political Control of  Region of States grant African American Control of Institutions such as State and Local Courts, Control of State and Local Police Departments, Control of State Public Schools, Control of State Universities and Colleges, Control of State and Local Budgets, Control of State and Local Prisons, Control of State Regulatory Boards and Commissions, Control of Critical Infrastructures, Utilities and Monopolies.

Black Americans have US Constitutional Rights (Civil Rights) now Black Americans must fight for US Constitutional Powers (Political Control of a Region of States).

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