Black Regionalism (Delkism) vs Black Nationalism (African American Homeland States)

Black Nationalism;

There are different nationalist philosophies but the principles of all Black nationalist ideologies are unity and self-determination, that is, separation from European society and formation of an Independent Nation within the United States of America or in the confines of the African Continent.

Black Regionalism;

According to Frederick Delk, Black Regionalism or Delkism is simply Predominate Population (80%) of a Region of States. Thus under a Democratic Society and in a System of Federalism, Predominant Population could lead to Political Control and the long term goal Economic Control of a Region of States.

Advocates of Black Regionalism or Delkism usually claim that Aggregating the African American Population into a Region of States will result in a superior voting bloc thus:

1. Black Americans can exercising US Constitutional Powers, such as Making and Enforcing Laws, Collecting Taxes, Borrowing money, Issuing Bonds, Eminent Domain Powers, Charter Banks and Corporations, Establishing Courts and others.

2. Control of Institutions that are in the possession of the States, such as State and Local Courts, State and Local Police Departments, State Public Schools, State Universities and Colleges, State and Local Prison, State Regulatory Boards and Commissions and many others.

3. Political and Economic Structural System.

4. Territory and Land

This will benefit the African American populations by granting more Political. Economic Stake and Responsiblity, regional development, allocation of resources, implementation of local policies and plans, espousing competitiveness among regions and, ultimately, the whole country.


  1. Ausar Heru says:

    This is definitely an interesting concept but please elaborate more on how we would even begin the arduous process of becoming the predominant population of these 8 southern states (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, N.Carolina, S.Carolina, & Tennessee)? As it stands the total populations of these combined states are roughly 46.8 million. 73% (34,203,000) are Caucasian, 24.6% (11,520,100) are Moorish Americans and 2.3% (1,076,901) are other combined nationalities. 80% of 46.8 million is about 37,440,000. This means that the Moorish American population in this geographical area would have to go from about 11,520,000 to about 37,440,00 which is a whopping 225% increase. There would also have to be a mass exodus of Caucasian and the miscellaneous nationalities out of this region and/ or a mass exodus of Moorish American relocating to this region from other parts of the country. Of course there are other factors to take into consideration but this scenario will suffice to make my point. This all seem unfeasible logistically to say the least.
    Can you please expound on your proposed step by step plan?

    Thank you

    • Frederick D. says:

      2015 US Census, 29.5 million whites in the 8 States Southern Region, 12.5 million Black Americans and 3 million others. The Great Migration 1910-1970 half of the Black population left the Southern States and migrated North, West and the Northeast. The most important information is the projected 2050 US Census, Whites 42%, Hispanics 29%, Blacks 18%, Asians 9% and Natives 1%. I vision whites calling for Super Majority White States in the North, Mexicans to settle in the Southwest States, Blacks in the Southeast States, several multiracial States such as Florida, Maryland, Virginia, New York and New Jersey. I didn’t vision a Super Majority Asian States, however if so, Washington and or Oregon are the only possibilities.

  2. Lukester says:

    This is delusional for two reasons. One, you have completely misinterpreted Constitutional Law. States are indeed “sovereigns” but they still can’t arbitrarily overturn parts of the constitution or “redistribute” land or assets (i.e. reparations) without due compensation as required by the 5th Amendment. Second, White folks (even if it could be done in a legal, constitutional manner) would never allow this to happen.

  3. Kwame A. Lazarus says:

    A region, of any sorts, fails in comparison to a nation. Why have a slice when one can enjoy the entire cake?

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