Barack Obama’s Real Legacy, Saving White Supremacy

Barack Obama Bailout White Supremacy

Barack Obama’s 2009 decision to not only bailout the Financial Industry, Auto industry, the USA economy and the Midwestern economy but, perhaps bailout White Supremacy. True, (Tarp) Troubled Asset Relief Program was enacted by the Bush Administration however, it was the Obama Administration that got the program moving. For example, the Democratic Party had control of both houses of Congress, including the Executive branch therefore could have easily made major changes or totally abandon the Tarp program. Nevertheless, the 900 billion Economic Stimulus became Law and Barack Obama single-handedly saved White Supremacy.

By Frederick Delk, Founder of the African American Homeland Authority

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  1. Virgil Samsson says:

    Barack Obama was the first democrat I voted for, and the last. I actually fell under the sway he was the first black man who believed in self control, responsibility and self reliance.

    I thought he would channel Dr. King instead I saw him channel garbage from Al Sharpton.

    He has done more damage to the black race and race relations than any white bigot.

    Seeing how quickly he assimilated into the Rich White Liberal Oligarchy tells me I was right in my disgust of how little he cared to help black America assimilate.

    Does Delkism renounce the use of racism as a crutch and excuse for bad black behavior and failure?

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