Delkanization of the United States of America into Racial Regions of States



The US Census Bureau  published a report on the projected demographics of the USA in 2050. The United States will have 400 million people and Whites will make up 42% of the national population, Hispanics 28%, Blacks 18%, Asians 9% and Native Americans 1%.

With Whites becoming a majority-minority Scholars, Futurist, White Nationalist, Alt-Right and many others believe the United States of America will Balkanized into several Independent Countries. I didn’t vision this happening.

According to the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution the 50 States have Reserved and Shared Powers with the Federal Government. The 50 States are an Independent and Sovereign Government entities with their own State Constitutions, therefore total Independents from the USA is not necessary. Furthermore Amending the US Constitution is extremely difficult, requiring 3/4 Votes of the States to ratify the Amendment and War is too costly, causing a devaluation of the Dollar, causing the Stock Exchange to plummet, destruction of Critical Infrastructures and structural systems that took over 400 years to build.

My vision for the United States of America in 2050, is Regionalism or Delkism. Mexican Americans and other Hispanics to concentrate into the Southwest Region, Black Americans to concentrate into the Southeast Region of States, Whites to concentrate into the Northern Regions of the USA and several Multi-Racial States. Representatives of those Racial Regions would overwhelmingly vote to stay in the Union.

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