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The County Commissioners also known as (board of county Commissioners) is a group of elected officials charged with administering the county government. County commissioners are usually made up of three or more individuals. In some counties in Georgia a sole commissioner holds authority of the commission.

The Mayor is the leader in most municipalities such as cities and Towns. There are several types of Mayor systems. Under the council-manager system the Mayor is the first among equals on the city council. The Mayor and city council serve part- time  with day to day administration in the hands of an appointed professional city- manager. This system is more common among medium sizes cities 25,000 to 300,000 usually rural to suburban municipalities. The second form, known as the mayor-council government, the mayor and city council are separate offices. Under a strong mayor system, the mayor acts as a elected executive with the city council exercising legislative powers. This system is used in most large cities. In a weak mayor or ceremonial mayor system, the mayor has appointing powers for department heads but is subject to checks by the city council, sharing both executive and legislative duties with the council. This system is common in cites and towns under 25,000.

The Sheriff is usually but not all ways the highest law enforcement officer of a county. A Sheriff in most cases is elected by the population of the county. The office of the Sheriff varies across States and counties. In urban areas a Sheriff may be restricted to court duties such as administering the county jail, providing court room security,and prisoner transport, serving warrants and serving process. The Sheriff may patrol outside the city or town limits. In contrast to a Chief of Police is usually a municipal employee who owe his allegiance to the city or town.

State Court Judges, Tennessee and South Carolina the judge is appointed, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas the judge are an elected official. There are several courts, including State Supreme Court (highest court in the State), Court of Appeals,Superior Courts, State Courts, Magistrate Courts, Juvenile Court, Probate Court, Municipal Court.

City Councilman and County Councilman, city councilman are elected officials for a city or town. county councilman are elected officials for the county, also known as county commissioners, alderman, county board of supervisors.

State Election Board or Commission is a “bipartisan” State agency responsible for ensuring uniformity, fairness, accuracy in all state and local election, and the enforcement and administration of election-related laws. My concern with elections officials are their ability to strike millions of names from the voter rolls using processes that are secret, prone to corruption and vulnerable to manipulation.

The Black Coalition Political Party will have candidates for all of the required elected positions. Most candidates will come from the local State population, because they are more likely to satisfied the qualifications of residency which is usually one or two years maybe more and have local political knowledge and have local support.

Once the candidates are registered and approved by the Black Coalition Political Party Headquarters for their political, organizational skills, electability and charisma, they will become official candidates and will be supported by the Black Coalition Political Party with fundraising, campaign funds, staff, volunteers, security and most important votes.

The African American voters should be keenly aware of African American candidates that are running for public office in their respective county, voting districts or State wide contest, campaigning will cost money, need a treasure trove of cash.

White Multinationals Corporations to hedge their bets and fund the Black Coalition Political Party, just in case we actually win to guarantee they receive the most lucrative State and Local government contracts and the lion share of the 8 States Southern Region consumer market.

Billboards, signs and banners, TV commercials, Radio commercials, Political rallies, Public Relation Campaigns, or Political Press are boundless. Gallup Polls, CNN Polls and other polls are very useful.

Social Media, closed meetings, home based meeting, the Black Church and word of mouth are used to get the word out on your candidacy. The Black Coalition Political Party will be the sole supporter and responsible for your Candidacy.

Political debates will be accepted, we want the Republican party and Democratic Party to know what our capabilities are and our intentions. ??????(We will like to keep the threat of competition low to cause no heighten alert from the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. This tactic will be used to keep the voter turn out among Whites low because of no sense of urgency).???

The State Election Board or Commission will be the first government agency to notice a huge influx of registered Black voters in the 8 States Southern Region, and the officials of that agency will more than likely convey that information to other Local and State government officials and the media. We would have lawyers and other volunteers observing these officials, making sure of no purging of names from the voters roll.

The Governorship and U.S Senate seats are State wide races, the house of representative are district races but, all have national implications. The Black Coalition Political Party have to compete with the Democratic and Republican Party. The Black Coalition Party would have an advantage in the first Statewide elections because the white vote would be split into two. However, the next Statewide elections I expect the two parties to join forces.

As mentioned before the first wave of African American migrants to the 8 State Southern Region are eligible voters. The children and others that aren’t eligible to vote will stay where they are, migrating in the next wave. This way it will be less costlier and complex to transport or transfer persons to needed voting districts.

Gaining Control Of The Rural Counties

While African American migrants are able to choose counties, cities, or districts where to settled and vote. Black Coalition Political Party priority is to infiltrate the predominately White rural counties.

If you observe the US Census map you will notice a geographical concentration of African Americans in urban and inner suburban areas, and Western European in outer Suburban and rural areas. (36 million Black Americans live in urban and inner suburban areas covering less than 10,000 square miles or the State of Maryland). The Western European communities tend to surround the Black community into an isolated geographical area, while the European communities has free range from the urban area to the outer most rural area. This give the Western Europeans political control of most counties thus control of the State.

African American concentration in urban areas or districts are historical, immediately after the Civil War there were European zones, then follow by covenants or agreements with Western European property owners and the State not to lease or sell to Africans, then later racial steering, blockbusting and redlining were used to discriminate against Black Americans. Out of this blatant racial discrimination came the theory or belief that safety, employment, transport and services are easier to receive in urban areas. However, rural areas provide a better environment, safer neighborhood and open space for raising a family.

When it comes to employment rural counties have a much higher percentage of public service employment as a percentage of total employment compare to urban areas.

They may say inner city folks receive welfare and food stamps, nevertheless rural government jobs, government contracts, government grants and government guaranteed small business loans are the welfare and food stamps of the suburban and rural Whites.

We must change the culture of living in urban areas. If Blacks spread into all 688 Counties and Parishes in the 8 States Southern Region, we could deliver the decisive votes to tip the balance toward the African American Homeland States.

Fortunately the 8 States Southern region has by far the highest rate of African Americans living in rural areas compare to other regions. (In the Northeast States and Midwest States, 90% of Black Americans live in urban areas). Therefore the coordination of African American voters to rural areas and the registering of candidates in certain counties should not draw too much attention.

Government Corruption

Once we have control of the 8 States Southern Government, corruption will occur but limited. With a combined government revenue of 300 billion, plus other federal transfer payment, it can reach 500 billion dollars or more. What I have observed, read and experience living in developing countries, corruption is common especially among lowly paid public servants, police and elected officials. By dealing with corrupt custom agents you can get imported products into the country without paying the required duties and taxes. By bribing Police officers you can avoid a DUI ticket, By giving a kick back to a government officials you could win a government contract to build a local schools or repair local roads. If it get out of hand it can lead to widespread negative effect on the rest of society.

Corruption is wide spread in America, but the politicians and public servants here are experience at covering their tracks. Corrupt White public servants and politicians usually don’t do business with African Americans because corruption is all about trust and relationship.

Corruption, nepotism and cronyism in the 8 States Southern Region will occur but, it would be no where approaching the crisis of a developing countries because, 1) Most public servants are highly paid with significant benefits.

2) With millions of African American public servants working in government, I rarely heard of wide spread corruption among Black Americans or it would always be in the news.

3) Black Americans rarely have a government position where they control the allocation of money, however, if we control the 8 States Southern Region, Black Americans will be in charge of allocating all the proceeds.

4) The federal government and State government agencies, such as the FBI, IRS and others will have oversight over these officials.

5) The 8 States Southern Region’s citizens would pressure the government to be of very high standard of conduct.

All corruption charges will be taken seriously, however, corruption charges of 10 million dollars or more of tax payer’s money and taking the proceeds out of the region should get a life sentence.

Corruption charges of 50 million dollars or more of tax payer’s money and taking the proceeds out of the region should get the death penalty.

The European population is the most corrupt of all, they do not have a moral authority or higher ground to stand on. Political corruption is the abuse of public power, systematic or government sponsor slavery, State sponsored Jim crow laws, racism and others are the worst type of corruption.

Strategies AAHA

After careful study of the 2004, 2008, 2012 election results and analysis of US Census data information for 2008, 2010, 2012, I came to a conclusion that with the total of 26,000,000 eligible African American voters, 5,000,000 to 6,000,000 additional African American voters are needed in the 8 States Southern Region to tip the scale in favor of the African American Homeland. To mention there are over 3,000,000 African Americans, mostly men that cannot vote because they’re on probation or parole, or live in a state that withholds the right to vote from all ex-felons.

The next elections (midterm) election are in 2014, follow by the national election 2016. It may not be enough time to implement a plan for 2014. However, 2016, 2018 and 2020 are the next three election cycles we could concentrate our efforts on. We should keep in mind 2015, 2017 and 2019 are State and local election cycles.

According to the US census Europeans (42%) will be a minority by 2050. African Americans will stand at 18%, Hispanics 28% and Asians 9%. As the population become more diverse and the Hispanic population doubling, comparing to the Black American population, I think it is even more crucial to establish the (African American Homeland) Now to counter any adverse effect of a growing Hispanic and Asian population.

If we can plan this now 2013, we’ll become a mature political, economic and regional government unit by 2028.

What Are The Alternatives

Some say it would be easier to go after States that have very small population such as Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

The big beautiful States of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming covers 325,399 square miles, has a small combine population of 3,120,633 people, and it would take (80/20 model) 12,000,000 African American to dominate politics if no Western European people move from those States. However, these States are landlocked, far away from major population centers, very cold during the winter and farming will be a challenge.

Yet, when you look at Utah, a barren desert State with very cold winters, where earlier Mormon settlers struggle to exist, the Mormons were able to not just survive but succeed. The Mormons owed their very existence to unity, hard work and the State Institution of Utah. If the followers of Brigham Young had never went West to escape prosecution in the east. The people would have scattered in different directions and slowly decline to irrelevance such as the Amish. but having 2 representation in the US Senate, 4 Congressmen and a Governor, it has made the Mormons very powerful.

Having African American Homeland States in different geographical areas for example, New Hampshire, Rhode Island in the north east, Delaware, Maryland in the mid Atlantic region Idaho, Montana in the rocky mountain region and Mississippi, Georgia in the south. Would seem feasible or better than nothing, however these proposals should be rejected especially if the offer was initiated by the government because 1) long distances between the Homelands will cause disunity, incoherence and isolation 2) the differences in geographical area will cause the Homelands to have vastly different agendas 3) manipulation and abuse by more powerful adjacent States 4) divide and conquer 5) could look much like the South Africa Apartheid homeland system.6) some of these States are not located in strategic areas, some are land locked, a few State are terribly small 7) these State will lack cohesion.

Some organizations and intellectuals have advocated for a Black American Homeland in Africa, like Angola or immigration to West African countries. As a former Pan-African, I did at one time support the idea of going back to Africa however, if 45 million Black Americans emigrate to Angola for example, we’ll totally dominate every aspect of that country and it could cause resentment and possibly war with the local population. If African Americans are scattered throughout the African Continent, our unique culture and history will be lost forever. I feel that we should stay and construct strong Predominant Black American  State governments, political and economic Institutions in the United States, therefore we can build trade, political, economic, educational, cultural, social and tourism relations with African countries on a government level. Meaning, if we decide to go to Africa, we will have something to offer. We must have strong Institutions on both side of the Atlantic to fully benefit from the support of one another, such as the relationship between the United States and Western European countries.

(I have traveled to several African countries and Africa right now, is nowhere on par with any of the 50 states when it comes to criticalinfrastructure development.

It would take 6 to 10 trillion dollars to build Nigeria, Angola, Ethiopia or the whole West Africa to the standards of the 8 States Southern Region.

Logistically it would take tremendous effort and a whole lot of revenue just to move a million Black Americans to West Africa or Angola.

A one way bus ride from Chicago to Memphis, Tennessee will take about 9 hours and cost $50 dollars. A private vehicle ride from anywhere in the Northeast and Midwest to the 8 State Southern Region will take from 4 to 20 hours drive and cost about $30 to $150 dollars in petrol cost.

Therefore, logistically; migrating from any of the 40 Continental States to the 8 State Southern Region or African American Homeland is much more feasible and practical, than moving millions of people to West Africa. Don’t get me wrong, Africa is the future, but the African American Homeland is right now.

Each State will have it’s own foreign affairs department to deal with issues of Africa on a government to government level. The Economic Community of Eight Southern States (ECESS) will have a Chair, a voice in the African Union (AU)?. This can only be done, if we control of our own State Institutions. For example, the state of South Carolina invest billions of dollars in West African nations to build infrastructures. Another example, the state of Alabama send Trade mission to Angola to discuss business opportunities. New Orleans Oil company invest in Nigeria’s offshore Oil Exploration. Example, South Carolina Hotel and Resort operator opens new hotels in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Benin. Example, Commercial real estate developer in North Carolina builds 20 new Malls in West Africa. In return African States, Corporations and individuals can invest in the 8 States Southern Region.

The African American Homeland States is our largest and most important Institution, it will be possible to build Trade Relation with neighboring Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea countries such as Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, other Caribbean Islands and South American countries such as Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Ecuador and especially Brazil. This Trade and Cultural relationship will help build stronger Black Community networks and Institutions throughout the two continents..

The African American Homeland States will seek its own Trade And Cultural relation with the European Union and other European Countries including Russia. The 8 States Southern Region will sought Economic Ties with Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain and South Asian countries India and Sri Lanka.

The Economic Community of Eight Southern States will also build economic ties with China, South Korea , Japan, Taiwan and South East Asian countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Once all these countries observed what we have to offer, including size and sophistication of our regional economy, modern infrastructures, skilled labor markets and access to an even larger consumer market and economy, ECESS will have instant world wide respect, recognition, fortune and power. Every country in the world would want to do business with the 8 States Southern Region because it has much to offer.

The African American Homeland provides the best opportunity for cohesion. all the states have shared borders, a complete contiguous state in the same geographical area, with Atlantic Ocean access will result in 1) unity 2) protection in numbers 3) shared cultured identity, 4) a shared geographical identity, 5) shared political agenda, 6) large some what homogeneous consumer market 7) shared economic strategy 8) social conformity.

The African American Homeland is not a radical or extremist proposal, this is common sense, natural law. Why would one race want to be dominated by another race? Racial supremacy the control, domination or rule of one race by another, violates reciprocity, prevents separation and independence, and conflicts with the vital right of the subjugated race to control over, development and ownership of its own life, without which their life would have little meaning or purpose. Under racial supremacy one race is the master of another, or several others, with control over its existence or nonexistence. The subjugated race is reduced to the status of being a mere means to serve the ends and interests of the master race.

Incentives to Locals and Migrants

Through-out history governments always gave incentives to people to migrate to certain areas. For a example, the American government gave huge tracks of land to settlers to migrate west of the Mississippi river “Homestead Act of 1862”. The 8 States Southern Region will be no different. The opportunities are endless for individuals who are motivated to succeed.

1) Through the 8 States buy out plan of 100 million acres of farm land “Southern Homestead Act of 2020”, 30% would be purchase by African Americans at discount prices, 50% of the most prime farm land will be sold at market prices to African American investors, 20% would be given or purchase at steep discount prices to the poorest Black American families.

2)The 8 States Business Development plan, will attract certain individuals to capital access, private equity, venture capital, guarantee business loans by the 8 States government, Fix asset financing,  Micro loans, State and federal government contracts programs, Franchise development, business development, women business development, International trade etc.

3) One trillion dollar Southern Stock Exchange, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia,

4) Regional, State and Local Banking institutions, Savings and Loans, non bank institutions such as Insurance corporations, Institutional Investors, Fannie Mae type regional government corporation, Investment corporations, mortgage corporations and others.

5)There are literally thousands of executive, judicial, legislative, appointed officials, agency directors, department heads, regulatory boards and commissions, management and other leadership position available on the state, county and city level.

6)hundreds of thousands of civil service and management jobs available on the federal, state, county and city level.

7)Universities, Colleges and community Colleges are predominately Black American students, hence predominately African American faculty and staff. Program are established to graduate more Doctors, Engineers, MBA’s, Computer Scientists, Economists, Physicist, Lawyers, others.

8)The 8 States Southern Region will establish a comprehensive Apprenticeship Educational System to insure a highly skilled work force and a productive society.

9)Family Values, the nuclear family is the essential unit of society. Married Black American men and women are granted priority in the 8 States Southern Region. 2 parent Black Americans families are given priority on housing, raw land, housing plots, home mortgages and farmland. Married Fathers with children are given priority with public service jobs and private sector employment, Apprenticeship programs and business loans. 2 parent Black American families would have lower tax obligation,

10)As the Western European professionals leave the 8 states southern region, (We will try to persuade some to stay.) it will cause a brain drain, therefore, I proposed that we recruit, invite and give incentives to professionals and businessmen of African descent from Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and elsewhere in the world to live, work do business in the 8 States Southern Region. In addition, I’m open to recruiting a limited number of Chinese and Indian professionals in certain fields such as engineering, the sciences, mathematics, computer sciences, University professors and open minded Europeans into mid level management position and consultants, until we get the full grasp of the political and economic situation.

11) The opportunity to serve your own people.

11) Power and Wealth

12) Life will have meaning and purpose the individual will have a sense of self worth.

13)We will have a sense of community, Political and Economic Stake, that will build trust, in return promote cooperation.

14) Our Black women will take their rightful place in society. Black Man once we build a structured Society/System and the Black woman feel secured in our system. They will become the sweetest creatures on Earth.

15).The African American Women are the standard of beauty and the object of desire in the African American Homeland. The African American women will be loved, wanted and put on a pedestal, she would be seen in the magazines and grace the billboards, as a result, her femininity will blossom.

16) With some isolation and independence from the dominate European majority the world will see a new African American Renaissance of cultural expression in Literature, Art, Music, Fashion, Architecture, theater, Movies, Jewelry. Furniture, Cuisine, Restuarants, Technology, Engineering, Innovation, Finance, Business, Education and others.

To summarize briefly

1) Black American men and women must migrate to the 8 States Southern Region, once we have the majority of the population, we can take control of the Political, Economic and Government Institutions of the 8 States Southern Region

2) Black American men and women must acquire university degrees, or Apprenticeship skills before they migrate or immediately after they migrate into the 8 States Southern Region.

3)Black American men and women that have the know how and capital must start or expand their businesses or Agriculture enterprise in the 8 States Southern Region.

4)Black American men and women are encouraged to begin their own, or transfer their grass root organizations to the South with the main objective of taking control of the 8 States Southern Region Political, Economic and Government Institutions. We must plan, we must organize.

5)Black American men and women must have courage to venture out into the rural areas, this is where the real battle ground are and the test of wills be fought. We must stand behind our principles, stand up against injustice when we see it, resist the power that be. As I said before There should be no White Oasis, there should be no preservation of all White towns, communities or neighborhoods.

6)Black American men and women must get involved politically. Join the Black Coalition Political Party, Run for public office, support their local politician or organization, volunteer, vote for the candidate with the Black American Homeland Platform.

7)Family Values, the nuclear family is the essential unit of society. I’m asking all Black men that have the resources or have the confidence, to marry their woman and be fruitful and multiply.

8) All future politician, and elected leaders must remember that the key to our 8 States Southern Region remaining competitive with the other regions are low taxes, efficient labor cost, the lower over all cost of doing business compare to the other regions, safety and security.

9) Once we have control of the Political, Economic and Government Institutions of the 8 States Southern Region, there shall be a New Code of Conduct Principles. The Church, 8 States Southern Region, and Intellectuals will explicitly outline and implement proper standard of behavioral expectation or appropriate behaviors deemed important to the existence and survival of the 8 States Southern Region, creating a culture of conformity and morality that would be taught in every school, church, work place and family setting.

10)Black men and women should join the local Police force, State Police, National Guards, State Militia and military.

Conclusion AAHA

Taking control of the 8 States Southern region Political, Economic and Government Institutions will be done in 3 stages.

1) The Initial Stage- Creation of the Black Coalition Political Party

a) 2013 establishing offices, command centers and thousands of branches throughout the United States.

b) Identifying 5,000,000 to 6,000,000 potential voters to migrate to the 8 states southern region, the first wave.

c) Transport, housing, registration and coordination of migrates to choice location or strategic counties and voting districts.

d)registration of official candidates.

e)Coordination of voters, migrants and locals to polling places, November 2016

We will have a substantial number of’ wins that would shock the political establishment of the USA. Accusation of cheating and voters fraud will mount.

2) Battle Ground Stage

a)many white incumbents who lost to black elected officials refuse to concede victory, take their complaint to the courts

b)State election boards and commissions from different States tried to nullified election results.

c)The courts overturned the decision of the State election boards and commissions stating there were no evidence of voters fraud.

d)Fights and gun battles erupted between opposing supporters, several hundred people from several states dead, hundreds more injured. President Obama send in troops to halt the violence.

e)Over a thousand Black American elected officials take the oath of office. For the first time in American history, Blacks control the majority of the State house and State senate seats in the South.

f)the second wave of millions of Black Americans into the 8 States Southern Region.

g)The first wave of several million White Americans out of the region.

h)State Legislatures introduce a number of bills to change the outdated laws of the old south.

I)2017 and 2018 mid terms election African American elected officials win more seats, including more judicial seats, Sheriff seats, Congressional seats and Governor seats

.j)second wave of several million whites Americans out of the region.

3) Consolidation of Power Stage

a) 2019 and 2020 National election, African American have complete control of the State legislature, Congressional seats, most Senate seats, Governor’s seat, judicial seats, Sheriff seats and most appointed Officials are African Americans.

b)Fourth wave of African American migrates into the 8 States Southern Region

c)Third wave of several million White migrates out of the region

d)Rewriting of the 8 Southern States Constitution.

e)African American Homeland laws firmly in place.

f)2022 congressional districts and State legislature districts redrawn.

g)African American elected official wins last white incumbent Senate seat.

h)African American Homeland Institutions completed, but the battle just begun.



Demographic Manipulation


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